Wii U console & hardware pre-order price comparison

While November is packed full of exciting games, there’s still another release that’s sure to steal the headlines this month – the Nintendo Wii U.

There will essentially be two options on offer – the Wii U Basic Pack, the Wii U Premium Pack.

The Premium Pack will have two bundle options – coming with either Nintendo Land, or with ZombiU and a Pro Controller.

Wii U Basic Pack: RRP of R3,999.

  • The basic pack includes a Wii U console with 8GB internal storage and a Wii U GamePad, both in White.

Wii U Premium Pack: RRP R4,599.

  • Black Wii U console with 32GB of internal storage, black Wii U GamePad, Wii Sensor bar, bundled with Nintendo Land.

Limited Edition ZombiU Wii U Premium Pack: RRP R4,999.

  • The limited edition ZombiU Wii U Premium Pack comes with a Black Wii U console (32GB), Wii U GamePad and Pro Controller, Wii Sensor bar, and is bundled with survival horror game ZombiU.

Some local online retailers are already showing off their pre-order prices for the upcoming console, so there are a few options to consider.

The DealBreaker has put together a number of options from the various stores and online retailers.

Please note: These prices are correct at time of posting.

Kalahari Takealot BT Games AWX Look & Listen
Wii Hardware
Nintendo Wii U Basic Pack – 8GB (White) R3799.95 R3999 R3899 R3999 R3999
Nintendo Wii U Premium Pack – 32GB (Black) R4399.95 R4599 R4599 R4599
Nintendo Wii U Limited Edition ZombiU Premium Pack – 32GB (Black) R4799.95 R4899 R4999
Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller (Black) R664.95 R680 R605 R699
Nintendo Wii U GamePad Accessory Set R142.95 R145 R149
Nintendo Wii U GamePad Cradle and Stand (Black) R285.95 R283 R275 R299
Nintendo Wii U Remote Plus R664.95 R660 R615 R699
Nintendo Wii U Nunchuk R332.95 R330 R315 R349
Nintendo Wii U Remote Plus Additional Set (White) R854.95 R850 R795 R899

The cheapest prices not taking into account delivery cost are marked in bold.  Please factor this in when deciding on your preferred retailer. Please double check delivery costs and dates when completing your order.Delivery prices from the above retailers:

For an idea of which Wii U games are reviewing well right now, check out the Metacritic list so far. One last thing. Not to influence your decision but if you order from Kalahari, we will get a small cut of the sale for us referring you to them.  Unfortunately, this is not the case with the other retailers.  To better understand how to support us and the site, check out our Support page.  Thank you.

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Wii U console & hardware pre-order price comparison

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