5 major franchises that should introduce dinosaurs

Games with dinosaurs

Everybody complains about the lack of innovation in games today, and it’s true – since 1963, every video game that’s been released has featured zombies. How is that innovation? It’s not. If this industry really wants to innovate, the only obvious solution is swapping zombies for dinosaurs.

Call of Duty: Jurassic Warfare

In 200,000,000 BC, a territorial war breaks out on the Laurasian supercontinent between its dominant archosaurians and the insurrectionist sauropods.

Meanwhile, a separatist faction led by the theropods seizes power on the northern plateau by devouring everything on it in a bloody coup d’état. The player assumes the role of a special forces operative who is sent back in time with orders to prevent a mass extinction event.

In a shocking twist at the end, a nuclear device is detonated, killing all the dinosaurs while the operative rappels to safety on a hovering Pavelow, waving an American flag.

Call of Duty with dinosaurs

But maybe with rocks and sticks instead of guns, just for authenticity. Or not.


Manage the day to day business of the Cretaceous Period, build and maintain busy hunting and migration routes, and balance a budget of genetic adaptations to maximise survivability in the Age of Dinosaurs.

Disasters include catastrophic meteor strikes and time-travelling spec ops troops.

SimCity with dinosaurs

This SimCity 5 screenshot is improved 10 million times with the simple addition of dinosaurs. It seems so obvious now, doesn’t it?

The Elder Scrolls: Pri’mordia

The subtle apostrope maintains the series’ high fantasy aesthetic to appeal to long-term fans, while the name itself is unambiguously invested Mesozoic authority to attract megareptile-loving newcomers.

Besides, dragons have always featured prominently in Elder Scrolls games, and everybody knows dragons are really just dinosaurs doing Lord of the Rings cosplay.

Skyrim with dinosaurs

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took a plesiosaur to the knee.

Left 4 Dinosaurs

Pretty much what it says on the box, really. Those medkits might have to be a bit bigger to realistically accommodate velociraptor-induced injuries, though. Or maybe just replaced with body bags and scoopers.

Left 4 Dead with dinosaurs

They’re flocking this way!

Tekken T-Rex Tournament

Because who wouldn’t want to pit those terrible, terrible lizards against one another in an all-out battle for ultimate supremacy? This is history, as it happened (kind of).

Tekken with dinosaurs



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5 major franchises that should introduce dinosaurs

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