Top 5 limb-tearing games

With the momentous occasion of dismembering that is the release of Dead Space 3, we’ve decided to celebrate the games that remove limbs with complete disregard for human safety.

Dead Space

We have to mention the game that prides itself on severing limbs from torsos, and which does so in grand fashion.

From the first moment you see the blood-stained “cut off their limbs” message in the opening of Dead Space 1, you know you’re in for some serious cutting action.

Dead Space

Metal Gear rising: Revengeance

With the cutting mechanic in the game, players can not only take off enemy arms and legs, but even fingers and knee caps.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance


Despite being as fun as using a cheese grater on your face, NeverDead did provide some laugh out loud moments with its ludicrous dismemberment mechanic.

Playing as an immortal, players’ limbs and head could detach from lead character Bryce’s body, then requiring players to roll around and reattach your appendages in order to continue.

Stupid, pointless, but pretty funny.


God of War series

The God of War franchise is known for its slick hack-and-slash gameplay and quick-time events; however it’s also famous for producing some of the goriest and most brutal kills in gaming.

Whether Kratos is pulling a cyclops’ eye out or ripping an enemy in two, God of War flexes its blood stained muscles from one dismemberment to the next.

God of War 3

Ninja Gaiden 2

Ryu Hayabusa knows how to take on some seriously tough enemies. Another thing he knows is how to make gallons of blood spurt from said enemies as their limbs go flying.

Ninja Gaiden 2 produces some of the fastest and most gruesome kills and head-chopping in video game history thanks to razor-sharp weapons and lightning-fast reflexes.

Ninja Gaiden 2

Other notable games: Mortal Kombat, Brutal Legend

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Top 5 limb-tearing games

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