Best weapons in gaming

Most shooting games have their standard fare shotguns, machine-guns and pistols. Those are all cool and always get the job done, but then there are some guns and weapons that stand out from the crowd, including paranormal Nazi technology, sci-fi nano-bot blasters, and some more inconspicuous objects of mass destruction.

Here are the top 5 weapons in gaming:

Lancer (Gears of War)

The Lancer – the iconic Gears of War weapon has caused some of the most jaw-dropping kills in gaming history.

It may initially appear as a normal assault rifle, except for the fact it has a chainsaw bayonet attached to the front. This little baby not only allows players to fill the Locust Horde with lead, but also run up to them and deliver a body-splitting, blood-gushing finale.

Leichenfaust-44 (Wolfenstein)

To explain this gun is pretty tricky. It essentially fires a proton-projectile fuelled by the Black Sun, the Nazi’s secret paranormal entity. Sounds confusing? It doesn’t matter, because all you need to know is that this piece of supernatural German engineering makes a definite impact within the game.

It literally vaporizes anything it touches, and hitting just one target isn’t good enough for this gun, it will continue through as many silly Nazis as needed until… well …forever. Here’s a video to demonstrate the Leichenfaust-44 in action.

Nano-Rifle (Red Faction: Guerrilla)

The Nano-rifle uses futuristic technology to fire nano-bots onto any matter, whether it is a structure or an enemy, which then literally eat away the target.

Disintegration is the name of the game with the nano-rifle and don’t think you can run over and see your masterpiece you made out of your enemies body, as the nano-rifle leaves nothing but dust. Here’s a really lame but somehow awesome video of the nano-rifle in action.

Eddie Riggs’ Guitar (Brutal Legend)

Not necessarily a gun or weapon for that matter, but this delivers some rocktastic kills that will make most FPS’s blush.

Eddie’s guitar can not only fire electricity and pyrotechnics at enemies, but can also literally melt your face with the Facemelter solo that Eddie performs. Mostly rock heals, but sometimes it hurts.

Mario’s Shoes (Super Mario Series)

Once again, not necessarily a weapon or gun, but nevertheless tools of ultimate destruction.

These little brown numbers have killed more enemies than every arsenal from every game combined. One little hop on your head and you’re finished. Some say it may be the weight of the ole’ Italian plumber that makes his little jump lethal, but it’s the sheer awesomeness and power of Mario’s feet huggers that result in turtle and goomba massacres.

Notable mentions – Chains of Olympus (God of War), Bolt Gun (Killzone 2), Shrink gun (Duke Nukem 3D), Jack’s Chainsaw arm (MadWorld), Gravity Gun (Half-Life 2)

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  • Eric Viljoen

    Half Life 2: Gravity gun
    BFG from Doom

  • Peter Chan

    Skyrim: your voice

  • theseasonswither

    Masamune: Final Fantasy VII

  • DCWarHound


    Damn bambies.

  • Shaun

    Um..BFG? Gravity gun? (although I suppose that isn’t really a weapon, per se).

  • I think they meant to have the BFG 9000 but it was so awesome it crashed the server and they had to take it out.

  • CarterD

    How about the super sheep from Worms? How about almost everything from Worms?

  • Reegar Carbine- ME3 You don’t want to be on the receiving end of this one…

  • Vorastra

    No, they said “best”. Not “super easiest” to get kills with.

    M16A3 noobs…
    Hurr durr I can shootz streams o’ boolets.

  • clickonitportal

    BFG9000 and the new Nail Gun in RAGE, someone pass me a Rebar

  • The Rich

    Too mainstream, but good choice nonetheless 😀

  • The Rich

    I’d just like to add my voice to those calling for the inclusion of the BFG hehe.

  • whitehomie_777

    Totally agree with you haha..
    Damn M16A3 noobs!
    Ill take a sniper any day of the week.

Best weapons in gaming

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