5 shameless rip-offs

5 shameless rip offs

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but sometimes flattery can go a little far.

We’ve rounded up some of the gaming industry’s hidden gems that borrow a little more than they give.

Now, we’re not saying these games are bad, they’re just lazy.


It’s hard to not love Uncharted. The series has sparked other developers to kick it into gear if they want to compete with Naughty Dog’s cinematic action/adventure franchise.

Polish studio The farm51 definitely love Uncharted, even if they don’t want to admit it. Their game, “Adventurer”, features a good-looking male treasure-hunter and elderly moustachioed sidekick as they travel into a jungle in search of a lost artefact. Hmmmm… sounds familiar.

The game does have some unique qualities, such as taking form of a FPS as opposed to a third-person adventure game.

3D Cartoon Land: Safari

The Apple App store is known to be home of a lot of clones and imitation games, but there are some releases that are so blatantly similar that it’s borderline criminal.

One game in particular, 3D Cartoon Land: Safari, may have a relatively original name, but that’s where it ends.

3D Cartoon Land: Safari is described as a “unique game” in which you “quickly jump over obstacles and collect coins” – its also a mind-blowing rip-off of Mario’s 3DS adventure, Super Mario Land 3D.

Be careful though, as the game’s developer Jiang Zhi warns: “An angry tortoise could bite you”.

Maybe we’re jumping the gun and the game is actually pretty good. Louie82y played some 3D Cartoon Land: Safari, and wrote a customer review:

“The best f**king game I have EVER played. Highly original, TONS O FUN. Strap on your hardhat and fixed clogged toilets in these intricately designed levels.”

War Z

We hate to label War Z, because the fact of the matter is that it looks pretty damn cool and we’ll definitely play it; but there’s no denying where it got its inspiration.

The sudden boom that is the ARMA 2 mod DayZ exceeded the expectations of the game’s own creator, and the guys behind War Z saw this and jumped on that flesh-decaying bandwagon.

The War Z devs were probably also pretty embarrassed when it was revealed that they had copy-pasted the League of Legends terms of use agreement, without even changing the text.

Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Buttuta

As seen with Adventurer, Uncharted seems to be a game that “inspires” a lot of developers.

Unearthed : Trail of Ibn Buttuta is another example of this, as this Arabic-developed adventure game shares an uncanny resemblance to that of Nathan Drake’s adventures.

Unearthed has everything you’d expect from an Uncharted game – fighting, shooting, platforming and stealth, albeit with a little more facial hair and sketchy animations.

Armed Heroes Online

Armed Heroes Online didn’t even try and add a goatee or Arabic accent to any of its characters, as the developers practically ripped the character assets straight from Runic Games’ RPG Torchlight.

After being accused of theft, the Armed Heroes Online developer denied stealing art assets from Torchlight, when it’s totally obvious to everybody that they did.

She never explained why the game’s sound files are exactly the same as Torchlight’s, including the misspellings, though.

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  • GamingGenius

    You forgot to stick in Bladeslinger… Shameless RDR rip off

  • ArkkAngel22

    Its not close, it isnt open world and its a different type of game. The combat is completely different, as is the story. The only similarity is the Western theme, but bladeslinger adds a steam punky style to it.

  • What about all those minecraft copies? heh, not really worth the mention.

  • Kromas

    Mists of pandaria ripped off farmville. There I said it 😛

  • Haven’t played much WoW or Farmville, have you?

  • Too many to count! Although, a lot of the devs of those make it clear Minecraft is the inspiration, so can’t really slate them on it

  • Kromas

    Loads of wow. Not much farmville. also it was meant as a joke. 🙂

  • juan

    ja and torchlight is a rip off from diablo 2 but atleast torchlight only stole ideas and not the complete game .

  • Terry

    It’s nothing like RDR… It’s more Devil May Cry than RDR.
    Just cause something shares a similar setting, doesn’t mean it is a rip off. Come on now. That’s like saying every superhero game is a rip off of Batman Arkham Asylum, even though the game plays completely differently and the whole game is something different all on its own (Combat/Gameplay, Story, etc.).

  • GamingGenius

    Didn’t come here to take insults from the likes of you. How about you quit trolling? Thanks.

5 shameless rip-offs

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