Big gaming news of the week

It’s Chinese New Year this weekend, and instead of setting off giant firecrackers, we’ve wrapped up the biggest gaming news as a present.

We found out that Rayman Legends will be multiplatform, Paul Walker will be the new Hitman and (gasp) there will be another Call of Duty in 2013.

On top of that, we checked out the top 5 weirdest PC cases, which is the cheapest store in SA for console games, and in anticipation of Dead Space 3, gave some Dead Space facts to prepare you for a scream-filled weekend.


5 Weirdest PC cases

gaming specials this weekend

Top 5 weirdest PC cases
Dead Space facts you need to know
Gaming specials this weekend
American McGee interview – Akaneiro: Demon Hunters
Dead Space 3 – resurgent horror or benign evil?
Games you can play this week
Akaneiro: Demon Hunters reaches Kickstarter goal 

Local news

Console game comparison 1

CNA Online

Cheapest shops for console games
SA’s biggest gaming LANs
SA’s top-selling festive season games
SA iTunes store not getting games just yet
CNA Online: your feedback very important
New MWEB uncapped ADSL gaming performance explained
BF3 Nations cup: watch SA take on Russia
Xbox LIVE pods to hit SA retail
Cape Town gamers get weekly game tournaments
SA pro gaming star signed to CoolerMaster sponsorship

News you should check out

rayman legends header

Paul Walker

Rayman Legends Xbox 360, PS3 versions, release window announced
Activision Blizzard global domination continues
Call of Duty 2013 will “raise the bar even higher”
Need for Speed movie casts Batman
Xbox 720 requires always-on Internet, PS4 gets cloud gaming
Half-Life, Portal movies discussed by JJ Abrams, Gabe Newell
Wii U graphics power uncovered
The Witcher 3: first look and screenshots
Hitman movie reboot gets leading man
Games bundled with AMD Radeon GPUs
Ouya available for pre-order 

Videos you should check out

Conan cluelessly reviews Halo 4
DayZ standalone first look
God of War: Ascension live-action trailer released
Dota 2 SA vs Romania challenge accepted 


DmC: Devil May Cry review (PS3)

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Dota 2 MyGaming Sunday Evening Cup Series hosted by PolarfluKe

MyGaming Dota 2 SECS

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More gaming news:

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity DLC, multiplayer details

Dota 2 SA vs Romania challenge accepted

Sony is still losing money, PS Vita props up gaming division

Artist behind Star Wars’ Yoda, Stuart Freeborn dies at 98


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Big gaming news of the week

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