SA’s biggest gaming LANs

SA gamers should keep an eye out for Organised Chaos, dAZLAN, FRAG LAN and other great gaming events on the South African gaming calendar.

Organised Chaos

The Organised Chaos LANs have become some of the most prominent gaming get-togethers South Africa has to offer.

Organised Chaos LANs usually incorporate both PC and console networking, and cater for amateur and professional gamers.

Some of the popular games played at Organised Chaos events include Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Counter Strike: Source, and DotA.

Organised Chaos LANs are usually held in Cape Town, Bloemfontein and PE.

Check out more on Organised Chaos.

NAG LAN – rAge

It’s impossible to list the biggest LANs in the country without mentioning the rAge LAN.

The annual event sees gamers from all over the country scramble for tickets to be part of the colossal gaming marathon, which features over 2,000 gamers.

PC gaming is dominant here, although, console gamers do make appearances within the confines of the LAN cage fence.

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Johannesburg and Pretoria gamers should be aware of dAZLAN, as the group holds PC gaming LANs within the Centurion area.

The dAZLANs take place at the Sytse-Wierda Hall in Centurion, and the facilities feature a Gigabyte Network and snack shop.

dAZLAN also often holds competitions, with great prizes on offer.

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FRAG LAN is one of the longest-running events in South Africa.

Durban gamers are treated to FRAG LAN events, which are held at the UKZN Edgewood Campus dining hall.

The LANs include a variety of different games, and FRAG often holds tournaments at the events.

To find out more on FRAG LANs, check out the FRAG LANs website.

Ground Zero LAN

The Ground Zero LANs have shown to be active events in the gaming LAN field of South Africa.

Ground Zero’s goal is to bring LANs to Johannesburg South, something the team says was lacking in the area.

Some of the games on offer at Ground Zero LANs include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, DotA, LoL, Teeworlds, and Trackmania.

The LANs are hosted at the Klipriviersberg Recreational Center, on the corner of Peggy Vera and Sunningdale Road, Kiblerpark.

Check out more on Ground Zero.


Boksburg’s Mayhem LAN has become a favourite among the South African gaming community over the years.

The LANs feature PC gaming, console gaming, board games, Magic the Gathering, and other table top war games.

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Do you know of any LANs that you’d like the community to be aware of? Let us know in the comments below and the MyGaming forums.

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  • Wow! is all I can say! This is really awesome thanks guys!!!!!!!

  • I’m starting a new LAN event in MArch,Probably the 1st,8th or 15th.

    It’s gonna be In constansia Park,Pretoria.

    Just sayin,Comment here If you can make it!


  • Let me discuss my dazlan experience. I used to be one of their staff, then i was busy with university during one of the LANS, All of a sudden the owner, Darryl Lategan, blocks my e-mail address bans me from the LANs and the website and all
    I did was miss one LAN after working for a complete year. Talk about wrongful termination.

  • jason

    cant believe Liberty Lan in Benoni was not mentioned.

    300 + attendees, its awesome.

  • Taz

    LOL at FragLan! If you want a piracy fest it’s the place to be. If you’re looking for a decent gaming experience you’ll be extremely disappointed. They organizers are not at all worried about the gaming experience, to them its all about collecting the entry fee. Drugs, pornography, pirated games and software, not my idea of a LAN.

  • There’s never been Dota 2 at OC (Cape Town). Just btw.

  • Saahil

    Hi i want to join a gaming multiplayer halo / unreal tournment or any shooting game or stragy lan gaming party
    Please let me know when is the next one or if any1 is hosting anything soon in durban
    2B85825F – 27 male im really good so i need some competition let me know

  • Danny

    so sad that daZLAN is closed

  • Danny

    if u now one in pretoria bbm me @ 7EFF24B0

SA’s biggest gaming LANs

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