Trekkies, ghosts and Pierce Brosnan

This week, everyone held their breath in anticipation for the initial impressions of GTA V, while Activision confirmed another inevitable Call of Duty entry.

On top of that we managed to check out the best cyborg heroes, the local pricing for the AMD Radeon HD7990, and some of the games you need to know about.


Best Cyborg heroes
Games you need to know about
Star Trek: enterprising shooter or phaser set to fail?
Games you can play this week
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon: nostalgia nightmare or retro love-letter?
List of confirmed next-gen games

Local news

Gaming specials this weekend
Acer announces the S6 display series for SA
AMD Radeon HD7990 SA price point revealed
SA political cartoonist Zapiro’s Zafari game revealed

News you should check out

Intel’s Haswell GT3 graphics now called Iris
How frame latency benchmarks benefit you
Make a great Half-Life 2 mod, get a job at Valve
GTA 5 previews, screenshots go live
Nyan Cat, Keyboard Cat creators sue Scribblenauts dev
Sega sued over misleading Aliens: Colonial Marines
Call of Duty: Ghosts confirmed by Activision
Xbox Fusion the new Xbox?
Gears of War movie gets Battleship producer
Woman hospitalised after 40 hour gaming session
Watch Dogs release date, collector’s editions revealed
Game Dev Tycoon trolls game pirates with irony
Pierce Brosnan sees game violence as “terrifying”
Godzilla spotted in Japan!
Drop – Minecraft creator’s new free game

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Videos you should watch this weekend

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Trekkies, ghosts and Pierce Brosnan

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