Star Trek: enterprising shooter or phaser set to fail?

The Star Trek movie reboot by director JJ Abrahams added some new life into the long-running Star Trek franchise, and the sequel is on its way this May. To celebrate the release, Namco Bandai’s Star Trek game is set to excite gamers ahead of the film – but is it worth beaming in?

The game is currently sitting in the mid-40s for all platforms on Metacritic, with 45 on Xbox 360 and PS3, and 42 on PC. On GameRankings, the game has mustered up 45.40 and 48.14 percent on PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively, while PC sits on 36.67 percent.

So, its basically not looking very good for Star Trek: The Video Game at the moment, but do the critics feel that there’s something more to it, or that it’s a shameless cash-in?

IGN: 4.2/10

“Terrible animations, dull combat, repetitive puzzles, and rampant bugs wore out Star Trek’s welcome long before its pointless story came to an end.”

Playstation Official Mag UK: 6/10

“If this was a cheaper, downloadable title I’d score it more favorably but this is competing in price and scale with bigger and more impressive games with a well practiced bag of last year’s tricks.”

Star Trek

Eurogamer: 6/10

“Star Trek becomes a rare movie game that rises above its peers and delivers something genuinely fun. It’s only ever a partial success though, too bogged down by timid design and technical rough edges to really be the game that Trek deserves.”

Gameinformer: 5.8/10

“The Star Trek franchise is built on the concept of a hopeful future, but fans should keep looking toward the horizon, because this present trek is hopeless.”

Gamesradar: 2/5

“From a gameplay perspective, Star Trek is hindered by its unpolished character animations, clunky controls, and repetitive hacking minigames. While it can be entertaining to experience the return of the movie’s cast to their roles as the beloved Star Trek characters, it’s difficult to get past the gameplay’s shortcomings.”

Star Trek 1

Edge: 4/10

“Star Trek has more bugs crawling on it than a Fear Factor contestant. Sometimes the results are amusing, as in the turbolift example, but frequently they just make life a drag.”

Xbox Magazine UK: 3/10

“The unkindest cut of all is that you only rarely get to actually command the Enterprise, and when you do, the implementation would disgrace the average Call of Duty turret sequence.”

Polygon: 3/10

“Star Trek has picked up practically every bad habit of the past five years of game design. Hinky ledge traversal. An arbitrary upgrade system. Hacking mini-games that evolve from “dull” to “Ambien” through the course of the game. Samey secondary weapons…It’s almost messianic in its willingness to take all of gaming’s sins onto its rickety frame.”

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  • When IGN can’t give the game’s score a bump, you know it’s terribad xD

  • ChevronZa

    Was so hoping this would be good.

  • But somewhere deep in the abyss of your soul, you knew 😛

  • Glordit

    When the devs can’t give IGN enough money to get a good rating you know the game is bad.

  • Nail on the head 😀

  • Let’s not blame the devs – it’s the publisher who didn’t seem willing to drop a bribe 😛

    I’m surprised its this crappy though – Digital Extremes has made some decent games in the past. Maybe they had the red-shirts coding this one.

  • Glordit

    True they made some of the UT games, then again Gearbox helped with Borderlands and Brothers in Arms, but Aliens and DNF was a flop

  • I was playing The Darkness II just last night – that’s a pretty cool game IMO, and the one they made before Star Trek. Either they seriously dropped standards or were rushed to meet the movie cash-in deadline. I’m thinking cash-in blues.

  • Neji

    The more I see of this game, the more it seems as if the PC version “got ported”. Also 3rd person is so console.

Star Trek: enterprising shooter or phaser set to fail?

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