5 ridiculous things learnt from driving games

5 thingsl learnt from driving games

Whomever said “video games never teach you anything” clearly has not driven a car.

Everything that happens in racing games, vehicular combat titles, and even GTA, is spot on with the real-world personal transport vehicle operation.

Here’s 5 things we learnt from video games about cars:

Pedestrians won’t damage your car… that much

Whether bumping a granny or taking out a farm animal, one would think you may be left with a nasty dent on your bonnet, but don’t fear! Hitting a cow at high-speeds will simply disintegrate the udder-toting beast, and leave your shiny Corolla spotless.

GTA IV multiplayer

High speed car chases are taken to the next level with a pair of Heelys.

Shock-absorbers are incredibly robust

Ramping cars was always taught to be a no-no, but we’ve come to learn that no height and speed can hamper a car’s shock-absorbers.

If you launch your R3,000,000 sports car 100m in the air, don’t panic, you should come down with nothing more than a tiny thud.

Burnout Paradise

You don’t need new glasses to read those road signs. Just get a closer look.

Steering wheels are over rated

What most racing games taught us is that the best way around corner is the quickest, and to do that requires a hand-brake.

Whether it’s on the way to the grocery store or just taking a leisurely Sunday drive, handbrake turns are the best way to arrive style.

Need for Speed Nitro

Ensure your tyres are leaving a fiery streak across the Spar parking lot if you want people to take you seriously

Your car is only un-drivable once it’s on fire

Your car can get smashed, bashed and flipped onto its roof, but only once it’s a flaming inferno, THEN it’s time to remove yourself from the driver’s seat.

Unless its burning, keep it moving.

GTA Meme

“If I can make it to the loud shirt store and back in one piece it’ll be a good Friday.”

Police always leave a gap at roadblocks

Whenever police are hunting you down (we’ve all been there), remember that they will always leave a car-sized gap in any roadblock that awaits you.

All you’ve got to do is slow down time, aim the nose of your car at the hole, and hit the gas – simple.

Need for Speed Road block

Pictured: Jeremy and James on their morning commute to the MyGaming office.
Photo credit: Quinton riding on a pair of Heelys.

This article is pure parody and by no means expects you to crawl-kick out the door when your car is in flames… just use the window.

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5 ridiculous things learnt from driving games

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