Kickass dragons in gaming

There’s only one thing cooler than Iron Man fighting Batman – a dragon. Dragons have been part of gaming since the early days, and its only fair to give them their fair share of the spotlight.

Here are 5 kickass dragons in gaming:


Factor 5’s Lair promised to bring a true next-gen dragon-riding experience using the Sixaxis motion controls, but sadly it fell short of its promises.

The underwhelming PS3 launch title did however showcase some pretty good-looking dragons (for its time), and getting to ride one while it shoots fireballs and sets other dragons ablaze is downright awesome.


Divinity: Dragon Commander

What’s better than a dragon? A dragon with a jetpack.

The lesser known Divinity: Dragon Commander brings some strategy action into the world of dragons, allowing players to command units and control the giant fire-breathing beasts. The trick here is that you have a jetpack to help boost your dragon even more – “why” you ask – because its awesome.

Divinity Dragon Commander

Dragon’s Dogma

The sleeper hit of 2012 had some incredibly interesting mythological creatures to kill, but at the end of the road was a dragon worth talking about.

A giant red dragon kicks off the whole quest by eating your heart, and you’ll have your eyes set on this beast throughout the game.

The dragon is huge, angry, and a total dick, but he is pretty damn cool – hey, everyone loves to hate a villain.

Dragon’s Dogma

Skyrim boss – Alduin

Skyrim is obviously jam-packed with dragons from start to finish, but it’s the climactic boss dragon that takes the cake.

He’s super-pissed when you do encounter him, and throws everything he’s got at you and puts up a pretty good fight.

Skyrim boss - Alduin

Reign of Fire

The Reign of Fire movie was decent, but the game wasn’t that good. A terrible tie-in to the big screen adaptation, the Reign of Fire video game did manage to bring some pretty big dragons into the fold.

Reign of Fire lets you hunt dragons (obviously), but also allows you to play as the dragons, blowing up planes, houses and those puny little humans that make up the resistance.

Reign of Fire

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Kickass dragons in gaming

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