Most violent gaming moments

Given the recent controversy surrounding the violence in Bioshock Infinite being “misplaced”, we decided to look at some of the goriest and most violent moments in recent gaming history.

Kratos takes on Hermes

Kratos has a knack for decimating all his opponents, and one in particular suffered an incredibly painful demise.

When Kratos finally gets hold of the quick and cunning Hermes, the Ghost of Sparta decides that he wants some speedy boots of his own, and commences to rip the limbs right off the arrogant god for his own use. Even though he’s a bit of a dick, watching Hermes crawl away in agony is quite hard to watch.

Dead Space 2 – “stick a needle in my eye”

The death animations in the Dead Space series are highly talked about, but there’s one that takes the cake.

During Dead Space 2’s later stages, you’re faced with the task of lowering a needle into Isaac’s eye, and of course, there’s two outcomes here. If you fail to line up the needle right, the entire machine comes down and impales Isaac through the skull. It’s as bad to watch as it is to read.

Mortal Kombat – Kung Lao’s fatality

Neatherealm Studios’ Mortal Kombat reboot features some of the most brutal and bloody fatalities, but Kung Lao’s has to be one of the hardest to watch.

Using his signature razer sharp hat, Kung Lao places his hat in the ground, and drags his enemy (crotch first) over his spinning hat/accessory of death.

Resident Evil 4 – chainsaw death

One of the most intense deaths comes in one of the best games of last generation, when Leon Kennedy comes face to face with a chainsaw-wielding baddie in Resident Evil 4.

If the enemy manages to get hold of you, he will put his devastating tree-cutter into Leon’s shoulder, tearing him to pieces before you’re faced with the doom-filled death screen, or, alternatively, he’ll just hack your head off in quick and swift swipe.

Tomb Raider – spike death

While its not the most bloody and over-the-top death in games, its one of the most cringe-worthy. The realism of the game along with Lara’s feminine qualities make the death so much worse, as she wriggles and struggles to remove herself from an inevitable death. It’s not pretty to watch.

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Most violent gaming moments

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