5 must-play first-person shooters

5 mustplay fps

There are some great upcoming FPS games heading our way, but let’s not forget about the recent classics that kept us happily gaming in yesteryear.

Medal of Honor: Airborne

Medal of Honor: Airborne was an overlooked FPS when it released.

It may be a few years old now but it’s one of the best in the MoH series, throwing players into the boots of the Allied paratroopers during some of WWII’s epic battles and smaller conflicts.

The game features a great mechanic which allows you to parachute into any area of the open-ended maps, and then make your way to your objectives from there.

There is also a handy cover mechanic which allows you to lean out from behind walls and objects, so if you’re missing some WW2 action – check it out.

Medal of Honor Airborne


Crytek’s free-to-play shooter Warface has taken off in Russia, attracting over five million users so far, and South African gamers can give the wall-busting game a try by signing up for the open-beta.

The “near-future” military shooter had already racked up 2 million users in Russia as of July this year, and now have expanded that impressive player base to 5 million.

The multiplayer FPS is powered by CryEngine 3, and features both co-operative missions and class based PvP deathmatches.


Killzone 3

Ahead of the release of Killzone: Shadow Fall, there’s no better time to play Guerilla Games’ gritty third instalment into the Killzone series.

Fans of the previous game will not be disappointed as KZ3 has not lost any of its dirty in-your-face attitude and killing Helghast has never been this beautiful. A great single-player campaign is complemented by an improved and revamped multiplayer component. Killzone 3 had quite big shoes to fill, and it does it with ease.

Killzone 3


The combination of People Can Fly and Epic Games seemed like a match made in heaven, and it was, but Bulletstorm is a tragically underplayed game.

With Cliffy B as a designer and some really interesting “kill with skill” mechanics, Bulletstorm is one of the most ridiculous and off-the-wall games in quite some time – and it’s insanely satisfying.

Besides impaling enemies on cacti, the heavy gunplay along with the manoeuvrability of a third-person shooter is really something rarely seen in FPSes today.


Resistance 3

Resistance 3 manages to exceed all the expectations put forward by its predecessors by delivering a heart-stopping campaign, complete with a touching story which sums up the sombre mood of the game.

This is the best the series has to offer and if you’re slightly interested, pick it up because the fight against the Chimera is one worth joining the resistance for.

Resistance 3

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5 must-play first-person shooters

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