Battlefield 4 pre-order price roundup

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is dropping on 1 November for current-gen systems and PC, and in anticipation of DICE’s destructive shooter, MyGaming has rounded up the prices for the game on the respective platforms.

The price roundup is for the standard edition of the game on the respective platforms, however, some retailers are offering the standard edition with a pre-order incentive, known as the Day 1 edition. The Battlefield 4 Day 1 Edition features the pre-order incentive of the China Rising Premium digital expansion.

Please note: prices are right at time of writing.

Retailer Xbox 360 PS3 PC
Kalahari R579.00 (Day 1 Edition) R579.00 (Day 1 Edition) R429.00 (Day 1 Edition)
Top CD R599.95 R599.95
BT Games R605.00 (Day 1 Edition) R605.00 (Day 1 Edition) R435.00 (Day 1 Edition)
GamesX R629.00 R629.00 R359.00
CNA R629.90 R629.90 R449.90
Takealot R630.00 (Day 1 Edition) R630.00 (Day 1 Edition) R450.00 (Day 1 Edition)
Zaps R635.00 (Day 1 Edition) R635.00 (Day 1 Edition) R465.00 (Day 1 Edition)
Animeworx R655.00 R655.00 R490.00

EA announced the release date for the next-gen versions of Battlefield 4, with the Xbox One and PS4 editions arriving on 21 and 29 November 2013 respectively.

In addition to a new multiplayer trailer, DICE also revealed that Battlefield 4 will be featuring a test range for players who are a bit hesitant with vehicles, to have a fly or drive around, before heading into a real battle and turning your whole squad into a kamikaze-package.

MyGaming recently got hands-on with Battlefield 4 at Gamescom 2013, and uncovered 5 Battlefield 4 features worth fighting for.

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Battlefield 4 pre-order price roundup

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