Games that should be rated 21 and over

Grand Theft Auto 5

I am not pointing fingers at developers, but some games are so extreme they need to be rated 21 and over. Admittedly, I would have missed out on a lot of games while growing up if this was the case, but some titles are so bad they should have a higher (non-existent) rating. The games below are filled with enough sex and gore that if the 21 rating existed in SA, it would be slapped on these titles quicker than you can say “blood-filled orgy”.

God of War

We love Kratos for all his sexual triumphs, his gutting open centaurs, and popping open of Chronis’s pimples, but let’s face it – God of War would be rated 21 and over if it could be. The creators weren’t shy when it came to showing off a woman’s bosom and the sexual cries during those button pressing scenes still make us lower the volume just a tad. And let’s not forget the gore which contributed to some of the most memorable scenes from God of War III. Decapitating Helios alive and watching his skin tear off his neck, punching Zeus in the face till it’s just crumbled bones, and slicing open a centaur causing its steaming intestines to drop onto the floor – delicious.

Grand Theft Auto

The Grand Theft Auto series has always taken flak for its controversial inclusion of drugs, sex, alcohol, and violence, but GTA wouldn’t be GTA without all that stuff. If there was a higher age rating, GTA would be considered first, not only because of its themes, but because it gets blamed for everything bad that happens in this world. The world hates GTA because it’s portrayed as the game that has been causing crime since its inception. Yes, you can hire a hooker and get serviced in your car, yes is shows Trevor snorting lines from time to time, and yes the sex scenes have been more than welcomed, but it’s just a game. A game that should be rated 21 and over.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

I never thought that I would be putting a South Park game on the list, but thanks to South Park: The Stick of Truth I can. If there is any game out there that deserves a 21 and over rating, it’s this. The game has already been censored in Europe due to anal probing and under-age abortions scenes. South Park: The Stick of Truth is probably the most racist, sexually offensive, and downright disgusting game that has ever graced our consoles, and all I can say is that it’s about time. The game finally brings the world of crude adult cartoons into your home, breaking the boundaries of acceptance in gaming and providing a public service while doing so. Thank you South Park, and God bless America.

Have you played a game that left you squirming? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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  • Wyzak

    I don’t see the point of rating these games 21+ when kids are legally allowed to have sex at age 16 already in SA.

  • Peter Pan

    Sex is not always the part that deems a game should receive such a rating. Think Manhunt. No sex there. Just brutal violence.

  • Alex Rowley

    America seems way more freaked out by sex than violence. Movies that are rated PG13 are quite violent and could have quite a lot of people killed in them but as long as you don’t blood or boobs then you’re good.

  • Loman

    As if parents are even aware what they are buying for their kids.

    There’s some stupid people in this world

  • KillAllStupids

    Oh, again some hypocrite earns the score! GET RID of youngs, ok? If you have sexually perverted mind, it doesn’t mean you can rule what people should do!
    It’s not a secret, people is able to have sex at age 12-14 (even white ones). WTF they should sit till 21 to see some “sexual” picture?? Are you crazy? Sit yourself!

  • KillAllStupids

    :))) That’s a problem! Sex is a NORM in any society, while violence – not. So all that goddamn blood/guts/sh*t should be “rated PG13”, not a sex! BTW any hollywood movie never show sex as a porn, rather ROMANTIC. Why not to see it together with our children?

  • Adam Jorgensen

    Manhunt was pretty psychotic. I love the hell out of it but after playing it I definitely felt a bit psycho 🙂

  • Adam Jorgensen

    The US is very repressed. I’ve been told this people I know that live in the US. It explains a lot.

  • Space_Chief

    You do know that little boys play with guns, toy soldiers and action figures. What do these games entail? Shooting people. Violence of that sort is normalised. However little kids don’t play sex games, leaving aside very young kids who may play doctor–but even there they’re not doing it for any sexual kicks. There is a difference between violence and ero stuff.

  • Space_Chief

    So when you were under 13 — which is probably not so long ago– you did not play Cowboys and Indians or with GI Joe action figures killing other action figures?
    Would you ban little boys from playing such games now? No toy guns in shops? No figures with weapons?

  • Space_Chief

    Looking at the availability of DVDs in the US, and the lax censorship standards, I’d say most of the rest of the world is repressed.

    In SA, recently, a film was banned because adult actors pretended to be under 18’s engaged in sex. Such would not occur in the US.

  • Alex Rowley

    Playing with a toy gun is different than watching a man get shot. Violence is more accepted than sex which to me is a pretty stupid.

  • Space_Chief

    How is it different? It’s even worse, IMO. You’re watching an actor on TV, a situation you can’t control. You’re doing the killing yourself… and of another child too.

    I don’t see what’s so stupid about having less acceptance for sex. Again as I’ve told you children play violent games. Fairy tales are full of violence. Even shows were no-one is killed have violence. Sex on the other hand is something intimate you’re supposed to do with at the very least, someone you care about.

    Violence has always been a part of life. Since hunter gatherer stages, people had to fight, this included children having to fight too. But not all these people had group sex and other such things. Obviously violence is something which happens more commonly and need not be intimate. It can also be for recreation as in violent sport. But even more so, any competitive sport or activity where one wants to better others can be called a violence substitute. It’s all part of how we do things. We definitely don’t try to outsex our colleagues at work.

Games that should be rated 21 and over

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