Gaming gore – I’ll take mine well done please

Gamers in general have strong stomachs and are the kind of people who watch The Walking Dead during dinner. This is a good thing, because games do not tend to hold back when it comes to blood and violence.

To show you what I mean, I have compiled a list of moments in gaming that would make normal people faint. Not gamers though, we are gore-proof.

Granted, if you’re not gore-proof (tsk), needless to say, the videos below are pretty graphic and are generous with the claret. Don’t say we never warned you.

What’s cooking, Leon?

A typical death scene in Resident Evil 6. Leon fails to kills an enemy, resulting in them both being blended into mince.

I’ll take 1kg of fillet steak!

God of War’s Kratos clearly knows how to gut an animal, no matter what species it is. He is a pro at decapitating and severing limbs, in fact, he could fill this list himself if he wanted to.

Death by rats

If there is anything on this planet that could result in me losing my dinner, it’s a Rat. I battle to stomach the thought of them, and looking at them is a whole another story, but I power through. My biggest fear is being eaten by rats… cue the Dishonored video.

Zombie brains everywhere!

Ah Dead Island, what an awesome game. Feeling frustrated and want to kill something? Go ahead, smash some brains in.

Lara kebab

This was definitely one of those “damn-girl” moments. Tomb Raider’s Lara is innocently sliding down a hill, to her possible death, only receive it early with a pole through her head. Fire up the braai!

Let’s swap heads!

Tired of your head? Want a new one? No problem, a new one can be arranged quite easily in Dead Space.

Can’t get anything done? Try splitting yourself into two

The infamous chainsaw from Gears of War is the ideal weapon for all your daily tasks. Need to get the kids to school, but are late for work? Just divide your attention, and body.

I’ll stick to contact lenses thanks

Do you want to change your eye colour in the future, but don’t want a doctor to touch you? Then the Dead Space Eye Exam is what you need, just look how easy it is.

There are many ways to skin a cat

Chances are you are sitting next to something that could take a life; that pencil on your desk, that old, heavy PC monitor, and even that oil on the stove frying your chips. Manhunt players know this already, though.

Any moments of gaming gore stand out in your memory? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Gaming gore – I’ll take mine well done please

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