Games you can clock in an afternoon

If your schedule is always full and you do not have time to play games for hours on end, then this list of quick and enjoyable games is for you.


Playthrough  ±1 ½ hours – 92 on Metacritic

Definitely one of the most beautiful games released in the past few years, Journey is the epitome of short and sweet. Not only will the game give you the best hour of your life (no giggling please), it has an amazing soundtrack to back it up while the gameplay is calm and rewarding.


Playthrough: ±1 ½ hours – 90 on Metacritic

If you don’t have much time on your hands and need to stimulate your mind, then Portal is the perfect game for you. The original Portal takes just over an hour to complete, if you are able to solve basic puzzles, and is a great way to test your problem-solving skills.


Playthrough: ±2 hours – 93 on Metacritic

If we had to title Braid’s theme, it would be: reflect on our past mistakes, and improve. Braid’s relaxing music and puzzle gameplay put you in a very reflective mood, and at just over 2 hours long your path to improvement won’t be that arduous.


Playthrough: ±1 ½ hours – 88 on Metacritic

Limbo is a twisted game that everyone needs to play at least once in their life. The game is available on multiple platforms, and like all the games we have featured here it does not take that long to complete.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Playthrough: ±2 ½ hours – 90 on Metacritic

One of the longer games on the list, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a great puzzle game with an amazing story to back it up. It is easy on the eyes and hard on the heart, and you will not forget the journey you undertake to save your father any time soon. Controlling a pair of brothers, A Tale of Two Sons will require your full attention for the two and a bit hours you will play it.


Playthrough: ±1 ½ hours – 84 on Metacritic

This highly addictive PlayStation 4 shooter is not only one of the best games on the console right now, but it is an easy pick up and play title. Resogun takes you through five levels of action packed shooting, explosions, and destruction as you save the the last of human kind from the forces of evil.

Tell us about your favourite “short and sweet” titles in the comments and forum.

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Games you can clock in an afternoon

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