Games that changed from concept to release

Making a video game is no small task, and sometimes changes are necessary to get a working product out of the door. Some games, titles that you know and love, were destined to be something very different from what you play today, but changed course as they were put together.

Bioshock – it was set in space

Forget the underwater city and forget Big Daddies – the original demo of Bioshock was set in space. In 2002 the first demo of the game was shown on the Xbox, and players were tasked with surviving on an infested space station.

The original story saw you play as Carlos Cuello, a former programmer, paid to explore the station and capture an heiress. When you arrived , though, you found that it was overrun by mutant space creatures.

Quake – using a giant hammer to explore an Aztec city

Quake – great FPS classic that almost every gamer has played. What you might not know is that the original concept was different from the game you know today. The original Quake was based around a man who wielded a gigantic hammer and explored a great Aztec world filled with killer beasts.

Wolfenstein – it was a stealth game

Even though the latest Wolfenstein has some great stealth mechanics, the original game was actually going to be a proper stealth sneaker. We are talking about swapping uniforms with NPC’s to hide your appearance, as well as being able to sneak up behind baddies, deal a death blow, and then hide their bodies away.

The developers realised that the gameplay was too slow and dropped the stealth element entirely.

Grand Theft Auto – fancy a racing game?

One of the biggest franchises in gaming history might not have been here if it stuck to its original concept. GTA was originally known as Race ‘n Chase and saw players taking on the role of a cop or a criminal and either upholding the law, or breaking it.

The game was amended due to its dull gameplay, and extra missions and the ability to walk around were added in.

Splinter Cell: Conviction – try Splinter Creed

Splinter Cell: Conviction was delayed for three years after it missed its 2007 release date. Why? Well, the game was too similar to Assassin’s Creed. The original Conviction featured stealth mechanics, the ability to hide in crowds, lots of hand-to-hand combat, and climbing up walls. When the powers at be realised that the game was too similar to the also soon to be released Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell was delayed and remade.

Source: GamesRadar

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Games that changed from concept to release

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