Gamers are smarter, more successful than non-gamers

Big Bang Theory, a streaming platform most of  you are familiar with, recently commissioned Lifecourse Associates to conduct a study on the average modern gamer. Titled, “The New Face of Gamers”, the study has now been released via Twitch’s blog.

According to the research, gamers are on average more social, family orientated, educated, optimistic, successful, and socially-concious than non-gamers.

“Stereotypes of gamers have been slow to catch up with this new reality. In many cases, we still see gamers portrayed as glassy-eyed addicts or isolated automatons. Given how pervasive a pastime gaming has become, it should seem obvious that these negative characterisations aren’t true. And in fact, they’re completely at odds with who gamers are,” stated the report.

Lifecourse interviewed over 1,000 Americans part of the study, while also basing their conclusions on other reputable industry reports.

They found that gamers were more likely to be living with other people when compared to non-gamers (16% vs 10%), were closer to their families (82% vs 68%), were more educated – college degree or higher – (43% vs 36%), and they were more likely to be employed full-time (42% vs 39%).

“For most players, gaming is a positive force in their lives,” the report ended.

What we must take into account is that correlation does always not equal causation. “Gamers usually are more likely to be employed than non-gamers” could be translated to “people that are employed are more likely to be able to afford games, consoles, and PCs”.

But, with all the video game violence studies that we report on, it is only fair the scales are balanced.


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Gamers are smarter, more successful than non-gamers

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