Legendary PS1 games you can still play, for under R95


Nostalgia is a great feeling, and the gaming stimuli that brings it on are cherished commodities. The music, chunky graphics, and, at times, awkward gameplay, brings our childhood back to us in an instant.

Even PC gamers will admit that the original PlayStation was a decent machine, and the games the platform hosted – from Crash Bandicoot to Spyro – brought hours of joy to those who held the grey controller.

Now, thanks to Sony’s Classic Games Collection, you can play some of your old favourites on your PS3, PS Vita, and PSP today. Here are some of the better titles on offer.

Crash Bandicoot 1/2/3

Cost: R45

The grandfather of platforming was at his strongest during the PS One days. The classic Crash with his awesome soundtrack – which you can probably hum on command – and his frustrating bounce pads always took you on an epic adventure. At R45 for one of the installments, you can fall in love with the series all over again.

Breath of Fire

Cost: R95.00

This classic RPG was one of the finest games that Capcom delivered during the PS One era. It has great RPG elements and a great story that covered the formative years of Ryu. The game also still looks fantastic today with its animated sprites and over-the-top boss creations. Breath of Fire is the perfect handheld RPG that still is unmatched today.


Cost: R75.00

There is something about this game’s light story, unique quests, and the pink-haired pig child that makes you fall in love with this game. Tomba is a fun title to play if you ever feel like exploring a platformer with solid RPG elements, pigs, and blackjack. Give it a go.


Cost: R45.00

Before the age of plastic overpriced toys, there was the original Spyro series that was as honest and simple as any game could get. The little purple dragon is yet another PS One mascot that has become something completely different today. If you want to relive the classic adventure platformer then pick Spyro up. When you are done playing, you will hate Skylanders.

Tomb Raider

Cost: R55.00

The latest Tomb Raider might be the greatest game in the series, but the originals will show you how Lara used to get down (Ed: pointy boobs and all). The early Lara Croft was all about sex appeal, and she oozed plenty of that in her formative years. The simple gameplay, great stages, and familiar settings will put a smile on your face.

Abe’s Oddysee

Cost: R45.00

Hello! Follow Me! Okay! Who doesn’t remember those words as you tried to lead a bunch of laughing lunatics to a portal? Abe was born on the PlayStation One and has became an icon for great puzzle platforming. Plus, he is coming to the PS4 in his New ‘n Tasty remastering – so we all can have a go.

Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX

Cost: R73.00

The best Final Fantasy games of the series released on the PS One, end of discussion. You can pick up these classic titles for just over R70 each (that’s cheaper than what they go for on Steam) and enjoy the hundreds of hours of leveling up all over again.

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Legendary PS1 games you can still play, for under R95

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