Are you a PC or console fanboy? Take the MyGaming quiz to find out

It’s time to face the truth – let go of the denial, and admit that you are a fanboy/fangirl.

Once you have accepted the fact, you need to find out what kind of fanboy you are, and that’s where we come in.

With MyGaming’s simple quiz, all you have to do is answer a few questions and tally up the score.

Let’s see which side you are playing for.

*Once you have selected an answer, take the associated score in brackets and record it. Take all your scores and add them up at the end to see which platform you support.


1. About to buy a new console

What are your views on a console purchase?

  1. PS4 forever. (5)
  2. Cannot wait for the Xbox One to launch in SA. (4)
  3. Mario 3D World will keep me busy for a few years. (3)
  4. My PC was playing 1080p three years ago. (2)
  5. I am due for an upgrade soon, waiting for the iPhone 6. (1)

2. Your best friends gets a PS4

How do you react to his/her purchase?

  1. Dude, I’ll bring over my copy of CoD: Ghosts and we will dominate! (5)
  2. You know that it has, like, no games? (4)
  3. I have an old 486 somewhere, you should have told me you wanted a gaming rig. (2)
  4. The Wii U was doing 1080p way before the PS4 came out, and the PS Vita is not a GamePad. (3)
  5. My iPhone has all the games I need. (1)

3. Mario is?

What do you think about Mario?

  1. Reused and boring. (2)
  2. Can he ride a Ghost and battle intergalactic wars? (4)
  3. He is the most popular video game character ever, he will never die! (3)
  4. I loved Mario back on the NES, he just doesn’t do it for me anymore. (5)
  5. Mario who? (1)

4. The Walking Dead Season 3 gets announced

What is your reaction?

  1. I will buy it on the App Store. (1)
  2. Can’t wait to scream my decisions at my Kinect sensor. (4)
  3. The DualShock 4 touch pad will make an awesome addition to the mechanics. (5)
  4. No Wii U version? It’s barely gory at all. (3)
  5. Steam will have it on sale. (2)

5. Destiny is releasing soon

How do you respond?

  1. I don’t see anything special about this game. (1)
  2. Can’t wait to play it. (5)
  3. Why no PC version? (2)
  4. I’m waiting for Super Smash Bros. (3)
  5. I am sure it will be 1080p. (4)

Now total up your score

Close to 25

“Viva PS4, viva. We don’t need Tomb Raider, we have Uncharted.”

You are a Sony fanboy for life, you believe in great gaming experiences, cheaper hardware, permanent exclusives, and Nathan Drake. You don’t need to dance around, waves your hand in the air, and scream commands at your TV. PS4 is the most powerful console and the rest of the world can suck it.

Close to 20

“Another Call of Duty and DLC first on Xbox One. Plus, the controller is the best.”

You love Xbox. It has never let you down, and you believe that timed DLC is the future. You rub Tomb Raider exclusivity in the faces of other gamers, and don’t need any other games as long as you have Halo.

Close to 15

“The Wii U is unmatched, and Mario 3D World is amazing.”

Nintendo is the greatest company in the world. Even though game releases have been slow, Pokemon, Mario Kart, and Zelda are titles that can sustain you forever. Visuals aren’t everything, it’s about the experience.

Close to 10

“PC is king. Long live the Mater Race.”

You look down on console peasants with disdain, and why wouldn’t you: gaming on a PC is just better. You may spend a bit too much money upgrading your rig, but it’s okay because Steam Sales fill your library for bottom dollar.

Close to 5

“I can play Candy Crush whenever I want to, I can also surf the web, and go on Facebook.”

You spend an inordinate amount of time on your phone and are always looking for new people to invite to Clash of Clans. You believe tablets are the way of the future. Don’t worry, MyGaming has you covered.

Which fanboy are you? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Forum discussion

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  • Martin Samuel

    What’s a Mater Race 😛

  • Dtj

    Not even close ….;)

  • RJM

    I’m almost as confused about the point of this as I am about why my mygaming forum account was permabanned after one post.

  • R Khan

    nobody mentioned android

  • Vorastra

    The peasantry in the title pic is too much to handle.
    All hail GabeN, all hail PC, ALL HAIL THE MASTER RACE.

  • Zinzan Zonzo

    You said everything I wanted to say. Just better, and included pictures for the peasants to understand 😀

  • Dave

    Didn’t take the quiz, didn’t need to. PC uber alles. (with a small, but very significant rider on Nintendo). The big consoles are a waste of money. Spend what you would on a console and 5 games and you’ll get better graphics, no monthly subscriptions to play online, huge backwards compatibility, cheap ass bundles, better internet surfing, etc. etc.

  • Dave

    You seen “cars” from Pixar? ‘Mater Race’ was the subtitle of the 3rd movie, wherein Mater murders mcQueen and spends the movie racing across america to get away from the cops. It was actually very well written, but Mater ended up squashed by a compactor.

  • Zinzan Zonzo
  • Martin Samuel


    Thats the noise of my comment going right over your head

  • Zinzan Zonzo

    Jip, I knew that, just thought the video was funny …. puny peasants.

  • Zinzan Zonzo

    It reminds me of this excellent movie about a family that gets viciously attacked, the mother killed and the kid crippled for life. This caused the father to become overprotective of his son and one day the kid gets kidnapped from school. Prompting the father to forego his overly cautious nature and to go on a perilous & dangerous journey to find his son. with only a deranged woman to help. The movie ended with a heartwarming scene where father and son are reunited after overcoming all obstacles. Awesome movie.

  • Xileer

    You might want to rephrase that statement seeing as how the “Steam Machines” will be consoles, so it seems the person you’re hailing is actually a console supporter 😉

  • You need a quiz to tell you what you already know? Dumb.

  • Neil

    Finding Nemo?

  • Vorastra

    It’s a joke. Rephrasing not needed.

  • Ryan Vorster


  • Zinzan Zonzo

    I was being sarcastic 😛

  • Sir Rants A Lot: On Pandora

    PC FTW

  • Zeffer Du Preeze

    If I ever feel the need to have my rather substantially sized penis + accompanying set of balls replaced by something resembling the hardware a wee mouse is sporting in the loin area THEN and only THEN will I….

    Become a console gamer.

  • Zeffer Du Preeze

    Because someone who plays actual games which mature adults will enjoy does not see gaming on android as “gaming”. Gaming on android is very comparable with dry wanking: If you have NOTHING else to do, then you may be forgiven for doing it.

  • Zeffer Du Preeze

    Yeah Vrooom because PC gamers have serious business to attend to. They don’t waste time posting comments to prove they know how to spell.

  • R Khan

    but they mentioned iphone

  • VirusRonsen82 .

    Lol i know im 4years to late but this is total BS. I have 10 Points and im not a filthy PC peasant. Is this a quiz for retards?

Are you a PC or console fanboy? Take the MyGaming quiz to find out

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