Gaming servers that refused to work

If you’re as versed with online gaming as I am, you’re probably used to any number of frustrating server issues while logging into the world of Destiny.

Or, perhaps, you’ve experienced the problems so many had the night of Diablo 3’s launch. Frustrating as it most certainly is, try not to let it get you too down.

And hey, while you’re waiting for one of your new, expensive games to login to a server, you might want to peruse this list of games that suffered some of the most infamous server issues.

Diablo 3

Having run home from your local midnight launch, you’re so ready to play and experience Blizzard’s newest world.

You’ve preloaded the files, your CD key is at the ready, and you’re good to go. The game loads, and wham, Error 3006. The Diablo 3 launch was plagued with server issues, even after a closed as well as open beta took place a number of times before the game’s release.

And yet, inundated with errors, players could not login to the servers at all. The problem was only fully rectified a week after the game’s launch.


Driveclub was one of the latest games to suffer from the server bug. Players who purchased the game had little luck in experiencing a lot of the game’s online functionality.

Granted, the game was playable offline, but Driveclub boasts some great online features, so you’re effectively losing out on half of the experience without online access.

Server issues were so bad that Sony had to delay the release of the Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition.


Although the launch of Destiny went along fairly smoothly, gamers still experienced a number of daily server issues.

I experienced virtually every issue under the sun, and barely got through a single strike without something going wrong. You’d think with a game budget of $500 million you’d have the opportunity to – I don’t know – make the game actually work.

NBA 2K14/15

When NBA 2K14 released on PS4 and Xbox One in 2013, it promised the next age in basketball simulation.

The game boasted incredible visuals as well as an in-depth MyPlayer mode, allowing you to create your own player and take him through an adventure of signing contracts, playing matches, and ultimately climbing the ladder of a professional career.

The only issue with this mode was that it needed a constant Internet connection, and guess what? To this very day, servers still do not function correctly. The same goes for NBA 2K15 which featured the same promises, the same mode and, unfortunately, the same server issues.

Battlefield 4

From day one, Battlefield 4 experienced an amalgamation of issues and problems, not just with multiplayer, but with the downloading of the game as well.

To make matters worse, Dice admitted that even after 6 months on the market the game’s experience was unacceptable and that the game was still broken.

Let’s just hope, for our as well as EA’s sake, that those same issues don’t affect the forthcoming Battlefield Hardline.

Which online games frustrated you the most, and why? Perhaps we can council one another?

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Gaming servers that refused to work

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