What single gamers can do on Valentine’s Day

Despite my charm, wit, and ability to punch 38 people a minute in GTA 5, I am single. Ergo, I will be spending Valentine’s Day alone.

Fortunately I am working this weekend and will have MyGaming, MyBroadband, and another sister site [BusinessTech, you can say it, it’s not a dirty word – Ed] to keep my mind off the heart-numbing sadness that Saturday is sure to bring

Some single gamers are not as fortunate though, and will be staring out of their bedroom window on the evening of 14 February wondering what the girl or guy of their dreams is doing at that exact moment.

But fear not gaming comrades, for there is much to distract your from the feelings of loneliness and social exclusion.

Here’s what you can do as a single gamer on Valentine’s Day.

Play games

An obvious choice would be to power on your PC or console, make six melted cheese sandwiches, stock up on Red Bull, and spend the evening dominating your title of choice.

I have not finished the remastered version GTA 5 yet, my Destiny disc is collecting dust, and my Steam library sees even less action than I do.

Besides helping the day pass with perceived speed, gaming online will link you up to like-minded individuals. Who knows, maybe you will meet someone special while shooting down a helicopter in Battlefield.

Angry PS3 Gamer

Die, potential partner!

Movie Trilogies

I get an SMS every Friday from Scooters telling me about its latest “2-for-1” and the like pizza specials. Combine this deep-panned cheesy goodness with a couple sets of three back-to-back movies and you are set for the weekend.

The Matrix; The Lord of the Rings; Star Wars Episode IV, V, and VI; Batman (the Christian Bale version); Iron Man; The Fast and the Furious (if you get really desperate) – there is no shortage.

I would avoid watching movies like Love Actually and its cinematic counterparts, as this may lead to deep depression and cause you to Facebook stalk your ex to “see how they are doing”.

Luke Skywalker

Don’t make out with your sister. It’s not the same, as Luke will attest to.

Practice your two-step shuffle

Weekends alone are the best time to pursue your after work, passions and hobbies (besides gaming). If you don’t have a passion or hobby, then use the time to find one.

Don’t be put off if you don’t succeed straight away, perseverance is key here.

I often spend tens of minutes in my lounge trying to two-step shuffle (see video below for explanation – I want to be the golden robot), and after years of practice I am still terrible. But that does not stop me.

If you are absolutely clueless, Google: cool sh*t I can do in my spare time.

Prepare for Valentine’s 2016 – write a poem

If the options I have proposed so far sound terrible to you, then use Saturday as the starting point for your quest to find a partner for Valentine’s Day next year.

My suggestion: poetry. Most people will swoon if you give them a romantic poem, and will definitely agree to at least go out on one date with you.

To help get you started, here is an example of something you could write.

You are hotter than Tomb Raider when she went HD

I long for you like PC gamers long for Half-Life 3

Your eyes gives me butterflies and your smile makes me want to conduct acts of chivalry

Seeing you is more exciting than getting Destiny though pre-order delivery

If I was forced to choose between you and my PlayStation 4

I would choose the console, but my heart would be sore

Buy yourself a Valentine’s gift

Just because you have no romantic partner does not mean you don’t get to receive Valentine’s presents. Whether it’s a box of chocolate from Spar or a new GeForce GTX 980, treat yourself to something special.

Make the moment more memorable by writing yourself a card, describing just how grateful you are to be you.

If you want to spice the evening up, there are many online stores which offer discreet delivery of, shall we say, “Valentine’s-esque” products. Below is an example of such a product.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day (Cleaning agents sold separately)

What are you guys getting up to on Valentine’s Day? Share your plans in the comments and forum.

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What single gamers can do on Valentine’s Day

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