Top 5 zombie games

Dying Light

Whether you call them “walkers”, “biters”, or just the plain-old “zombies”, there’s something quite timeless about the undead hordes which we love to kill.

Video games have been incorporating these shuffling corpses into missions and campaigns since the beginning of the medium, and to celebrate that here’s the 5 best zombie games we have played in over the past few years.

Dying Light

The newest entry into the world of zombie games is also one of the best. Developed by Techland, Dying Light irons out all the weird bugs and repetitive grinding that came with 2011′s tropical island adventure Dead Island.

The open-world zombie-parkour-survival title may look like an idea cashing in on popular cultural phenomenons, but it’s actually one of the most interesting, well-designed, and unique experiences seen on the current generation of consoles.

Left 4 Dead 2

When the guys behind Half-Life announced they were making a zombie game we couldn’t contain our excitement.

The original Left 4 Dead lived up to its promise and the sequel took the brilliant co-op survival chaos even further. The premise of Left 4 Dead 2 remains the same as the first: survive hordes of the undead, as well as some other nasty creatures, until you reach a safe house or evacuation point.

There is some kind of story involving an outbreak of a virus, but at the end of the day you just gotta kill a whole lot of zombies.

Dead Rising 2

As a series, Dead Rising is not without its flaws. If you can overlook the forgettable story, annoying characters, and frustrating time limits, a lot of fun can be had in this quirky world.

No other zombie game gave you as many ways to take out the waves of undead that are thrown at you, including chainsaw-motorbikes, football bombs, electric wheelchairs, and so much more.

Dead Rising 2 did what all sequels should do: It built on what its predecessor did well and fixed many of its flaws.

House of the Dead Overkill

‘Overkill’ couldn’t be a more suitable subtitle for SEGA’s Wii exclusive into the House of the Dead series.

Not only is it’s gore and violence over-the-top, it’s swearing, guns, dialogue, story, and just about everything else is beyond any doubt an overkill.

Designed as an on-rails shooter using the Wii’s motion controllers, it’s a surprisingly fun game for the platform.

Resident Evil 5

When the discussion for best Resident Evil game comes up, the fourth entry into the franchise usually gets the unanimous decision. But Resident Evil 5 featured co-op, a new African setting, some insane bosses, gorgeous visuals, and, of course, more zombies than you could handle.

We’ll likely get some grief for it, but Resident Evil 5 stands as not just one of the best RE games, but one of the best zombie experiences around.

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Top 5 zombie games

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