Does anyone still care about Destiny?


Bungie’s much-anticipated MMO/shooter released in September 2014 with the promise of becoming a new genre of gaming, a genre where players would experience co-op play with competitive matchmaking and a loot system that would keep them busy for years.

Has Bungie succeeded in luring gamers into Destiny and keeping them there? You be the judge.

Why keep playing?

There are four things that keep me going back to Destiny on a daily basis: Daily Missions, Raids, Bounties, and the hopes of getting more loot.

With three characters, two of which have been maxed out at level 32, Destiny still whispers to me daily to login and compete.

90% of the time a daily mission’s reward will contain an Ascendant Energy or Shard, which become redundant once you have all the Raid gear. But sometimes you get lucky and a legendary engram comes your way.

The bounties are a normally snooze-fest, with mundane tasks day in and day out.

Every week or so you may achieve a new Vanguard rank, which will reward you with more low-end gear. *Sarcastic yay.

Then we have the Raids, which are fun – if you can get enough people to join you.

I have mastered soloing the first parts of the two available Raids, so even if I fail at forming a fireteam I can still benefit from some rewards.

The thrill of the Raid, though, is long dead as players see it as more of an effort than an adventure.

Better with friends?

After completing the storyline, Destiny becomes a grind. But being part of a clan makes life easier as every task is quicker and more social.

I joined a clan a month ago, but the results have been less that satisfactory.

To organize a team to complete a Raid is a battle in itself.

When you request a team to start a Raid your request falls on deaf ears – you can see everyone raiding, but it all boils down to cliques.

If the point of a clan is to be spammed with messages the entire day without receiving help, then it is not worth joining – or maybe I am just in the wrong clan.

Despite their lack of interest, you better drop everything to help them when their group is not online, though.

Future of the series

Destiny’s mechanics are great at times. The gamble of loot that rarely goes in your favour, launching a Gjallahorn into a swarm of Thrall, and the thrill of PvP all give you your gaming fix.

It all adds to the experience that keep players coming back, but it does feel endless at times.

There are new expansion packs incoming for Destiny, which also increase the level cap from 32 to 34.

Unfortunately this is not necessarily a good thing, as the grind will begin anew.

And a grind it is – players who are on level 32 will have to complete the new expansion’s Raid a dozen times to obtain Raid gear which will allow them to reach level 34.

There is also word on a new sub-class and character set due for release later this year.

If this is true, it will definitely bring players back to the game.

Is it still relevant?

In a way Destiny has achieved what it set out to achieve: we were promised that we would still be playing it well after the release of the game, and that is true.

Bungie still has some work to do to fix matchmaking and those darn Raid bugs, but the game has so much potential.

Note by Kevin: As a former Destiny player, I have not logged into the Bungie servers since December 2014. The game is not fun or attractive anymore, and without many online friends to potentially play the Strikes or Raids with, the online element’s only drawcard is the PvP Crucible. But that, too, gets repetitive.

Even after purchasing the season pass which gives me access to both expansions – one of which is yet to land – I don’t see myself playing Destiny anytime soon.

Do you still play Destiny? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Does anyone still care about Destiny?

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