Mobile network, smartphone of the South African gamer

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MyGaming recently conducted a survey of the mobile habits of its readers to see which networks, smartphones, and mobile data provider gamers prefer.

A quick word on demographics: the average MyGaming survey respondent is typically male, in their late twenties, earns between R10,000 and R30,000 per month, lives in one of South Africa’s major urban areas, and mainly games on PC.

391 people responded to the 2015 MyGaming Mobile Survey.

The results showed the vast majority of gamers (76%) have an Android smartphone.

Of those with a smartphone, 47% use a Samsung. The next closest phone brands are Sony (12%) and Apple (11%).

Vodacom is the most used cellular and mobile data provider.

It is also worth noting that Afrihost – a reseller of MTN services – outranked Cell C as primary data provider by a decent margin.

Most gamers (82%) weren’t looking to switch mobile networks, but keep in mind that this survey was conducted before folks noticed Cell C’s price hikes, and before Vodacom announced its contract fee increases.

Another interesting statistic to emerge was that more than a third of the gamers surveyed didn’t have tablet PCs.

The infographic below summarises the results of the 2015 MyGaming Mobile Survey.

MyGaming Mobile Survey 2015 infographic

MyGaming Mobile Survey 2015 infographic

A discrepancy in the “no tablet” percentages on the primary tablet PC and the tablet OS questions is due to an overlap with the “no answer” option in the survey.

If all the “no answers” for the primary tablet PC question are counted as “I don’t own a tablet PC”, then the numbers line up.

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Mobile network, smartphone of the South African gamer

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