The Best Xbox One Case Mods of the Moment

Xbox One Case Mods

We recently wrote about our favourite PS4 case mods, and unsurprisingly, wanted more.

It’s hard not to be interested in what modders can do with some ingenuity, a little elbow grease, a spatula, the Macgyver spirit and a console to spare.

Weirdly, what we’ve noticed with a number of Xbox One case mods was an emphasis on changing and enhancing the functionality of the Xbox One, perfectly shown in the first two examples.

There’s always something appealing about taking a stock-standard console and changing it to fit your specific needs as a gamer. With that in mind, let’s take a stroll through the amazing Xbox One case mods on our list.

All-in-one Xbox One

Xbox One Portable

Xbox One Portable

If you thought a portable Xbox One to be a fanciful dream, think again.

This Xbox One portable was created by professional celebrity modder and YouTuber Ben Heck, known for his amazing console mods, and he really went beyond the call of duty with this one.

This case mod is an all-in-one, completely portable Xbox One.

Should you fancy yourself a little gaming time, irrespective of where you are, you need only find a wall socket and you’re ready to go. It also just looks really cool.

Even Master Chief would be jealous of this

Xbook One

Xbook One

The rather creatively named Xbook One, created by modder Edward Zarick, is a really sleek case mod that does everything an Xbox One can, and wraps it in blue, black, a little gloss and some bad-assery to boot.

Featuring a 22 inch LED monitor directly incorporated into laptop-like form and using a simple power cable to power the whole unit, the Xbook One is a great example of an Xbox One mod taken to the extreme.

It looks the part with appealing styling and a great colour scheme, and we really, really, no seriously, really want one.

Brutal and bloodthirsty

Gears of War Xbox One

Gears of War Xbox One

This Gears of War Xbox One case mod brings the grit of curb-stomping, well, whatever the Locusts are, and incorporates that into an Xbox One.

Don’t you think the metal mesh across the body of the console fits with the theme like a Lancer to a Locust’s head? We do.

The console is emblazoned with the Gears of War gear logo, fashioned from metal and modding sorcery. The cool red spray paint effect also adds another layer of brutality to the overall console design.

This console mod is so metal that it would fit well in every metal head’s home. It is a vast improvement over the vanilla design of the original Xbox One case.

Keep it simple stupid

Xbox One Case Mod Orange

Xbox One Case Mod Orange

We love this simple case mod because it brings a degree of colour to the the muted stock-standard Xbox One.

The cut-away on the left top-side of the console shows off the internals of the Xbox One with orange LEDs lighting it up really quite well. The orange cooling fan under the right top-side vent brings more orange goodness into the picture.

It looks like it’s on fire, to be honest. We suppose that it’s appropriate given Microsoft’s run with consoles.

All-in-all, whilst this may be an easy mod to do, it still looks quite slick and would be a great addition to anyone’s gaming set-up.

Get your wood on

Wood Xbox One Case Mod

Wood Xbox One Case Mod

We love wooden consoles, they’re so “contemporary-retro” (whatever that means), much like a PS4 case mod we showed off in our PS4 piece.

The two-tone effect is particularly appetizing. It’s a vast improvement over the base console design and brings a degree of class to the Xbox One case.

It is also nice that the console will match your furniture at home.

If you’re obsessed with wood, you’ll really like this console mod. We certainly do.

With that, we have our list of best Xbox One case mods of the moment. If you have any favourites of your own, why not share your feedback in the comments section below.

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The Best Xbox One Case Mods of the Moment

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