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Bethesda are hosting their first ever event and it’s going to be big. Fallout 4 could very well be unveiled at this year’s E3 press conference.

After rumours and reports have surfaced about a CG cinematic in the works, as well as a 30 minute closed-door presentation being shown to VIPs, do we need any more confirmation?

This all got me thinking, what would I love to see in Fallout 4? This is my Fallout 4 wishlist.

Set it in New Orleans, Louisiana

Fallout 4

The setting of Fallout 4 is perhaps the most important plot affecting element.

I want Fallout 4 to be set in New-Orleans. I want to explore the desolated swamps and ferries that have been stranded due to the end of the world.

A trip to Jackson Square, a walk down Bourbon Street, or explore the deserted Carousel Gardens Amusement Park. Imagine the possibilities of adding a dense swamp land to the post-apocalyptic era.

The buildings have laid dormant for years and the creatures of the swamp now call them home. The rebels and factions have built forts throughout the land with traps around every corner.

Toxins now threaten to suffocate you as the nuclear waste and radiation amalgamate with the hazards of the swamps, creating a whole new biohazard.

And having a day and night cycle is one thing, but what about the weather system? Surely the weather won’t stop changing because society has ended.

We want intense fog, rain, thunderstorms, squalls and hurricanes; let the creatures of the swamp be far from the only threat.

Crafting System

Fallout 4

With horrific creatures to face, we want something a little more capable this time.

The crafting system in Fallout 3 was great, but Fallout 4 needs to take it to a whole other level. Get rid of the list recipes and let us tamper with a few pre-set schematics.

Give us a weapon frame and let us add whatever we feel most adds to our play style. Think the weapon crafting in Dead Space 3, but a little less futuristic.

If we want a Fatman that can shoot toxic cloud producing rockets, then that is what we want.

New Decisions

Fallout 4

Your decisions will affect the world, but so will other factors.

We don’t play Fallout once and pack it up and leave it in the cupboard forever. We need that core decision making that came to light in New Vegas, but even deeper.

Siding with certain factions should mean new access to skills, weapons and armour. We also want our decisions to affect quests, the economy of the world, items available as supply runs are affect and more.

When you feel like backstabbing your faction, go ahead, but it may very well change the way you approach the rest of the game.

And what about randomly generated circumstances and events that affect the story, but that are out of our control. As we’re confronted by them, we’re forced to think on the fly and perhaps change our approach to the game.

Make it more Survival-like

Fallout 4

Make it all about having to survive in a dystopian world.

It’s the end of the world, so make it feel more ruthless. We want less ammo, more scavenging and tougher consequences.

If you don’t eat, you ultimately die. Eat rotten food and it will have an impact on you until you get meds. Modders have done a damn good job of it, so can you Bethesda.

Let us create a fort and call it home, adding new rooms and defences to keep out the dangers of the outside. If your fort fails, it’s time to pack up and find a new one.


Fallout 4

Ask yourself, why not vehicles?

Mad Max meets Fallout, sound good?

This is the end of the world, so we should be able to take scrap metal, razor blades, spikes and everything else dangerous, tape it all together and make a bad-ass vehicle.

An Ever-Active World

Fallout 4

The world should react to us as much as we react to it.

How about bringing in some new online features?

Joining an online world would mean other survivors can either aid your or kill you. The constant threat of the other player will mean you will always be on your guard.

Failing that, because a wholly single player experience is more than okay with us, have the world actively affected by our presence.

In Fallout 3, the biggest changes are seen after the game ends, as a result of our end-game choices. We want it to happen mid-game please.

What would you love to see in Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments and forum.

Feature Image by PatrickBrown

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