Top 5 Video Game Gadgets

Top 5 Video Game Gadgets - Portal Gun

It’s always difficult to pinpoint what a gamer’s favourite gadgets are from their gaming collection.

But we put together a list which highlights a couple video game gadgets we feel are really cool and quite different from what other games have to offer, but that also improved our gaming experience and made us wish we wanted one.

This is not a ranking of the best gadgets ever. But more so, just a way for us to talk about some cool gadgetry we would fancy in real life. So let us get into the arsenal of gadgets we have chosen.

Pip-Boy 3000

Pip-Boy 3000

Gotta love love that 1940s styling!

This was an easy choice; we are clearly the biggest Fallout 3 fans and by extension are extremely excited for Fallout 4.

The Pip-Boy 3000 is an iconic gadget from the Fallout universe and essentially allows you to control your attributes, items and stats all from the comfort of the dials, knobs and buttons of this retro 1940s future PDA which is bolted on to your arm.

This gadget is really advanced and can track body damage and your capabilities.

Let us not forget the built-in Geiger counter which alerts you to high radiation levels, which is always handy.

It also has a radio receiver so you can listen to awesome music, and don’t forget V.A.T.S. which slows down time and allows you to pin-point enemy weak spots, and shoot off limbs of your choosing.

Gravity gun

Gravity gun

Defy gravity!

The Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 is another great gadget which also doubles as a weapon, which goes without saying for many video game gadgets.

The Gravity Gun, technically known as the “zero-point energy field manipulator”, was initially designed for handling hazardous substances, yet was mostly used for heavy lifting.

It increases Gordon Freeman’s ability to manipulate objects. It does so by having two trigger functions.

The first causes the gun to emit a small discharge that emits energy to a selected object, causing it to be forced into a locked connection with the gun via the energy emitted.

The second trigger function allows Gordon to attract the targeted object and hold it midair, negating weight. But distance can be a mitigating factor to successfully maintaining grip on the object.

Finally, when both trigger functions are combined you can launch or drop the item, with considerable force. Shooting objects at enemies and obstacles is pretty much standard fare in Half-Life 2.

Portal Gun

Portal gun

Portals are just so convenient.

The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, or more commonly known as the Portal Gun, was featured in Valve’s game series Portal.

The Portal Gun is a hand-held device with the ability to create two linked portals, irrespective of distance any object which passes through one portal will emerge through the other, and vice versa.

Portals are placeable on any surface which is made out of manufactured, or refined, moon rock and has enough space to accommodate a portal.

Moving objects or certain surfaces, will usually prevent the placement of a portal. The Portal Gun remains one of the most innovative video game gadgets ever.



The Swiss Army knife of the future.

Omni-tools are awesome Sci-Fi tech, and they are constantly used in one of our favourite RPG series Mass Effect.

Omni-tools can be defined as multipurpose diagnostic and manufacturing tools. They can be used for a variety of normal tasks such as repairs to even helping out on the battlefield. They are even great for hacking and decryption.

The higher-end omni-tools are equipped by Engineers, Sentinels and Infiltrators. They help in making use of tech talents and powers.

Typically when activated, an omni-tools appears over a person’s forearms and hands, or both in some cases; visually, they look like an orange hologram.

Interestingly, omni-tools could also be used with weapons, which was always a great plus in the Mass Effect games.

Poké Ball


Gotta catch em’ all!

So let’s talk about the most famous video game gadget of all, one that is central to the video game series Pokémon.

The Poké Ball is a special type of item that trainers use in the word of Pokémon to capture wild Pokémon and make them part of their team, in the games.

Originally, the balls were made in the Johto region where Apricorns were grown. These Apricorns were hollowed out and had a special device implanted in them for capturing Pokémon, thus the first Poké Ball was born.

In the games, they are mass produced by two companies which are Silph Co. and the Devon Corporation.

Not much has been revealed about the technology behind these Pokémon capturing devices. However, they are still an integral part of what makes the Pokémon games work.

Video game gadgets make games far more intriguing and awesome to play. Learning the ins and outs of your favourite gadgets is always great fun.

Some of these game gadgets we have listed are really and awesome, and unexpected. Share with us in the comments below what you think are awesome video game gadgets.

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Top 5 Video Game Gadgets

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