Games we’re ashamed to admit we play

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We all secretly love a number of games we’d never tell anyone else about, games that make us seem like simpletons, suckers or sellouts.

They’re games that are way below our age group, games we know are critical failures, games that are embarrassing to play in a group or that the community despise in general.

Nevertheless, we play them, and we enjoy them too – when no one is looking of course.

These are the games most often spoken about in hushed tones by so many of us:


Games we're ashamed of - SingStar

SingStar has been around since the days of the PlayStation 2, and I’m sure hundreds upon hundreds of ear drums have been shattered and voices forced hoarse by its serious karaoke jive.

Although we all pretend that the game is largely for the female demographic, proclaiming the likes of Guitar Hero or Rockband to be our thing, we cannot deny that we have not picked up that microphone at least once and sung along to Bobby Van Jaarsveld in Singstar Afrikaans Treffers.

A metal head you may be, you’ve still sung a little T Swizzle when no one was looking or listening, and you had a ball.

Just Dance

Just when you thought your poor attempt at singing pop songs was bad enough, now you have to dance too.

Let’s be honest for a moment, #SeriousTalk, gamers may consider themselves fairly capable when it comes to hand-eye coordination, but many of us are decidedly lacking in coordinating the rest of our limbs.

The Just Dance franchise really brings out the fool in all of us, and yet we happily splurge on it when given the chance.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that many of you can get your Ariana Grande on, but for those who can’t, I respect that you try.


Sure, we played WWE games back in the day, but to say that I’ve spent money on the annual title every year is less than accurate.

Saying that, there have got to be those gamers out there that throw money at its annual release, because if there weren’t, then it wouldn’t exist.

The WWE games really bring out the best wrestling actor in you as you try to pretend that you don’t know those intro songs by heart, and that you have no idea who these wrestlers are.

Sure… you don’t commentate during your own matches *wink*.


Games we're ashamed of - LEGO Games

The LEGO games aren’t the worst games in the world, certainly not, but when it comes to variety, the games surely lack it.

Once you’ve run around for a few hours, smashing a bunch of blocks to rack up points, you have basically experienced every LEGO game in existence.

The LEGO games aren’t really age appropriate for those gamers out there playing The Evil Within and God of War, especially not to our peers. They are a more casual experience.

Much as I hate to admit it, I do enjoy playing them, but they are those games that I play offline so that my PSN friends don’t see me playing them.

Farming Simulator

Own up! Who of you sit for hours on end, playing Farming Simulator? Why?

Who would anyone on this fantastically beautiful, immeasurably intricate and just so interesting planet want to sit through the torture of sowing a field, planting wheat and then harvesting it?

Surely you have better things to do, or better games to play at the very least?

I played the game for 3 hours when I had to review it, and having almost fallen asleep, thanks to its complete lack of excitement and its brutally tedious chores, I put it down and will never pick it up again

You quite literally sit and watch wheat grow; it’s not fun at all, so why are so many playing it?

I can’t figure it out for the life of me, but perhaps you know better. Let me know in the comments and forum.

Which games are you most ashamed to play?

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Games we’re ashamed to admit we play

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