Games with the best DLC: and the DLC that rocked it

Games with the best DLC - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

DLC has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years. So much so, that it wasn’t all that long ago that it was an oddity, a videogaming black sheep.

Now, DLC is everywhere, with almost every game released having some sort of DLC component.

But with so much DLC releasing of late and so much to choose from, how do you tell which is the best? Which DLC is actually worth the purchase?

How about we take a look at some of the best DLC released thus far.

New Super Luigi U

As part of the Year of Luigi, back in 2013, New Super Mario Bros U on the Nintendo Wii U got a nifty DLC pack all about Luigi. It was his birthday after all.

It was the only Mario platforming title to ever exclude Mario completely.

More than that, it was an entirely new game, focused around Luigi’s smooth running, higher jumps and floating physics, making it feel like a much harder platform to master than your ordinary Mario game.

We sort of liked it like that.

Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep

Beginning at the Unassuming Docks, Tina Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep took us through a world of Dark Souls parodies, Game of Thrones humour and even made some Final fantasy lore references.

After all of Borderlands 2’s fairly average DLC, the Tiny Tina DLC was the show stopper, and by a good long way.

Tina’s narration is adorable and really quite funny; the DLC offered a number of new narrative elements; and we enjoyed it a bunch.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

If you thought Rockstar’s massive western open world was great, so much so that there really wasn’t any need for DLC, then you haven’t played Undead Nightmare.

The Undead Nightmare DLC took everything we loved about the zaniness of zombie lore, and gave it an appropriate western feel.

It mashed-up survival horror, a number of comical elements, a number of new challenges, difficulty spikes and quests, and threw in a unicorn to boot.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare was a true example of what can really be accomplished with DLC.

The Last of Us: Left Behind

Shedding light on a number of events between various important moments throughout the main game, Left Behind demonstrated what really happened when Joel was knocked down and Ellie was left to fend for herself.

It was a fairly chunky piece of DLC, and it not only gave us a better understanding of Ellie, but it also pulled at our heart strings.

Its ending was just remarkable, an achievement not to be taken lightly, and one we won’t soon forget.

Bioshock 2: Minerva’s Den

The sequel to one of the greatest first person shooters of all time, BioShock, BioShock 2 was so good, many consider it the superior game. And then there was Minerva’s Den.

Playing as an Alpha Series Big Daddy, you were tasked with going up against the Thinker, Rapture’s first artificial intelligence, and boy was it a menace.

Not only did the DLC bring about some new, enjoyable abilities, but its cleverly designed levels and BioShock-like narrative made it a joy to play.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC is delicious icing to Skyrim’s delectable cake,

Not only did it add a few more hours of play, as well as other things to do, but it also pitted you against Miraak, the first Dragonborn.

The new locations were a breath of fresh air, having explored Skyrim for a couple of hundred hours already, and we loved every minute of it.

The DLC’s writing and plot twists rivalled the main game and made it worthy of the The Elder Scrolls name.

What DLC have you played that was just much better than the rest? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Games with the best DLC: and the DLC that rocked it

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