5 open-world games that we can’t wait to explore

Current PC hardware and consoles have given game developers the chance to create some pretty spectacular open-worlds, worlds that are large, rich and that demand exploration.

In many cases, they’re living, breathing worlds, chock-full of secrets, things to do and varying locales to see. So we though, why not list of the open-worlds we’re most excited to explore.

With that in mind, here’s 5 upcoming open-world adventures we cannot wait to dive into:

Mad Max – September 1

(Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Open-world Games - Mad Max

The original Mad Max movies (including the recently-released Fury Road) are jam-packed with vehicular carnage and massive explosions, and the forthcoming game is set to bring that to the table, along with a massive open-world that we’re desperate to explore.

Avalanche Studios have crafted a massive map that will allow you to transition from on-foot combat to in-car destruction on-the-fly.

Flipping cars, detonating opponents and punching dudes in the face… what more could you want?

Just Cause 3 – Late 2015

(Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Open-world Games - Just Cause 3

The adrenaline-inducing Just Cause 3 is one of the most exciting-looking games coming our way this year, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

The open-world action sequel sees returning protagonist Rico Rodriguez battle an evil dictatorship in his home country.

Like previous games in the series, Rico’s best friends are a grapple mechanic that allows him to hook onto nearly any object, a redeployable parachute and a new wing suit that lets him free fall at extreme speed.

The title features a 400 square mile map covering three main areas, each of which will be explorable from the start.

Rico can take command of Medici’s towns and use them to fast travel, hideout or save vehicles that can be called in as supply drops. Expect big ‘splosions, big jumps and lots of guns when Just Cause 3 releases later this year.

The Division – March 8, 2016

(Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Open-world Games - The Division

Ubisoft Massive’s ambitious, persistent online shooter is an enormous undertaking.

We’ve seen developer walkthroughs, but now we want to get our hands on some new details, or even the game, to see its visually impressive Snowdrop Engine and glorious post-apocalyptic open-world set within New York.

The Division’s massive world will also be greatly utilised, as you can team up with other The Division players across the map via online play.

Players can customise their character, backpack and level up weapons, gear and skills.

The game also features a dynamic, time based weather system in the winter-swept NY, which players can use for strategic advantage.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate – October 23

(Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Open-world Games - Assassin's Creed: Syndiate

The next instalment in the much-loved Assassin’s Creed series has piqued our interest.

After the somewhat underwhelming Unity, the franchise is making a jump from Paris to Victorian-era London, which in the gameplay demos we’ve seen, looks alive and begging to be explored.

As with real-life London in those times, the world will have different dynamics to the multiple areas of the city.

From poor, crime-ridden boroughs to upper-class cobblestone streets will pave the way for some exciting gameplay.

Carriages fill the streets, the buildings are taller than ever and dense crowds pack the sidewalks, meaning you’ll need some help getting around the city.

That’s where the introduction of the rope launcher comes in.

A new addition to the Assassin gauntlet, the rope launcher will propel you to new heights at a faster pace or even let you create a zipline between buildings and avoid the streets altogether.

Fallout 4 – November 10

(PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is undoubtedly one of the first games on everyone’s list when talking about upcoming open-world adventures.

The post-apocalyptic franchise is taking things to new heights, with Bethesda claiming they are out to reinvent the open-world genre.

The colossal map will be around 48 square kilometres, allegedly, which is double that of Skyrim’s 23.5 square kilometres, and with a new engine under the hood, there’s going to be a lot more open terrain worth exploring.

Fallout 4’s custom-built shelter option also makes us excited to explore the subterranean world of the game, and of course, see what the community comes up with.

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5 open-world games that we can’t wait to explore

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