The future of Metal Gear Solid


Warning: Please do not read this article if you have not finished Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain or other Metal Gear Solid titles and do not wish to have the story spoiled.      

The Kojima epic has finally come to an end and despite accusations about no longer making proper video games, Konami insists it will continue producing Metal Gear Solid titles. What exactly could Konami make out of the endless, convoluted streams of discourse surrounding the complex stealth action giant? Or would they rather make a new, outlandish tale?

Kojima and his side of the story might be over, but Konami has promised to keep milking the Snake to continue producing Metal Gear Solid (MGS) clones. It seems almost too shameful to imagine an usurped sequel to the genius franchise. Without Hideo, the very nucleus of MGS is gone and with it the DNA that coded such marvellous and ridiculous amusement.

Let’s not even mention what a maelstrom of mediocrity Silent Hill turned into when its founders Team Silent were collectively axed and replaced with mild-mannered western producers. If MGS is outsourced to a team on the other side of the world, I pray that the same degradation does not happen.


Many Japanese games tend to be quite clunky and jerky (especially MGS titles). A western spin on the title could spell increased fluidity and ease of access for everyone’s favourite 80s action-movie creation. It could also mean the loss of the unique Japanese flavour of quirky phenomena littered in each game.

The Phantom Pain left many loose ends. The introduction of ‘Venom Snake’, Big Boss’s avatar and number-one goon, brought a brand-new protagonist in to play. Devoid of any kind of sentient personality, this plastic surgery Snake-imitation unwittingly slaves after the real Big Boss’s dream of a world for soldiers, while the big man himself watches Friends and eats pizza.

This character will perhaps be used in more installations. Perhaps a remake of the original Metal Gear will be revealed, with the stoical Venom being the lore-rewriting villain. It would be wonderful to see a modern reinstallation of the game that started it all. We also did not get to see Solid Snake in The Phantom Pain, a detail I sorely missed, so the return of the more agreeable Big Boss clone would be warmly welcomed.

Then there is the case of the less agreeable clone, Liquid. The unruly little punk hijacked Metal Gear Sehalanthropus and disappeared into the sunset with his African child soldier unit. This leaves a huge hole in Metal Gear lore: just what the hell did he do with the most powerful mecha in the game’s universe?! Another pop at taking Liquid on would be incredible, either with Venom or Solid Snake.


Huey Emmerich, the incessantly whining, mechanically bipedal paraplegic evil genius is another character to fuel further discourse. The neurotic mecha-maker’s constant need to backfire against Venom and the squad with moral reprimanding after being caught out again and again trying to screwing the world over made him a pretty loathed yet interesting bad guy.

This tortured soul decided he’d ruin everyone’s life over and over and then got dumped in a lifeboat. Up until Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Huey isn’t mentioned much in the lore. My guess is he was pretty irked to be cast away in a small rubber boat sporting very heavy robotic legs. I’m guessing he would love revenge on Big Boss and his former crew.

Quiet was another awesome character. The muted sniper decided to leave Diamond Dogs after erasing several bad-guys’ one-eyed-snakes and helping Venom eliminate half of the USSR’s army.

Her untimely departure left holes in the hearts of players who would have spent many hours on the field with her, first-person-perving at her mesmerizing choice of battle zone-friendly regalia (keeping your Metal Gear solid), longing for more action from the enigmatic tough cookie.


Ocelot is a mysterious fellow. You never quite know just who he is working for, a sextuple-agent who sees to jump fences more often than he tells people they’re ‘pretty good!’ Being one of the best heroes/villains in the franchise, it would be great to learn more about his mysterious ways.

Another great story would be the precursor to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, widening the timeline of the series even further. I’ve always wondered what the original Snake’s experience was like training under The Boss and what the grandmaster’s winning involvement in World War II with her Cobra Unit entailed.

The Boss was also the first person in space, so a retro sci-fi epic would be incredible. There is also the ‘romance’ between The Boss and her favourite pupil. A very intense relationship could be emotionally splurged onto screen.

Or, you know, they could just forget the whole story and make a Metal Gear Solid in which Snake needs to chase after a band of monkeys that broke out of a science lab, capturing them with a net that teleports them back into experimental captivity. The decision is ultimately up to Konami. Let’s just hope they don’t screw the golden series over.

If Castlevania sexy pachinko is anything to go by, we’re pretty done for.

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The future of Metal Gear Solid

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