Best South African indie games: as good as any other


The South African indie gaming scene is on the rise with some truly brilliant games both in development and out in the market. One SA indie dev is even working on an Ant Simulator game, if you didn’t know already.

The SA indie scene is growing from strength to strength, and we’ve gotten to a point where locally released titles are as good as anywhere else’s.

So we thought it would be cool to take a look at some of these standout South African games.


Broforce is a side-scrolling co-op shoot-em-up platformer game developed by Cape Town-based dev studio Free Lives.

The game is homage to 80s American culture, Contra, Metal Slug and 80s action movies too. It’s also got a particularly rocking soundtrack to boot.

In Broforce, you play as bros who are inspired by action movie heroes. You fight terrorists and rescues other bros as well as prisoners from captivity.

With a good number of available bros and Michael Bay-style explosions, Broforce is an awesome, explosive and really quite comical experience. Even blowing yourself up is a bag of laughs.


Another awesome South African-made game that is currently in development is Cadencewhich is being developed by Made With Monster Love.

Cadence is an open-ended puzzle game that asks players to make their own unique orchestral experiences.

Throughout the game and its many puzzles, you make connections between nodes that create loops of music. The puzzles can be quite challenging but the result are memorable melodies and real-time synthesizers create an amazing musical experience.

Eventually, you can even compose a rich tapestry of music. Cadence is surprisingly addictive, intelligently packaged and offered us one of the most enjoyable experiences we’ve had with a game in a while.

Pixel Boy

Pixel Boy is action-enriched shoot-em-up rogue-lite game made by Giant Box Games, a three member team consisting of one South African. Whilst technically not wholly South African, Dominic Obojkovits, the programmer, was one of the main forces behind the game.

The rest of the team includes David Nickerson and Adam Nickerson, both of whom are Canadians.

The game consists of dynamically generated stages with epic boss battles, where you can craft custom armour and combine power ups into over 6000 weapons in a dungeon with a ton of action around every corner.

Toxic Bunny HD

The orginal Toxic Bunny was a side-scrolling platforming DOS game released in 1996 by South African studio Celestial Games.

Eventually, Celestial Games re-opened in 2010 and released a full HD remake of the game called Toxic Bunny HD which was met with rave reviews.

In the game, you play as the titular bunny named Toxic, who has had a bad day when his coffee break is interrupted.

Throughout the game, Toxic hunts down the person or animal responsible for ruining his coffee break, brainwashing his friends, and covering everything with goo

You enact your revenge by using a number of different weapons and making your way through some strange levels with even weirder enemies.

Desktop Dungeons

Desktop Dungeons, developed by South African indie development studio QCF Design, is a rogue-lite (or roguelike-like) puzzle dungeon crawler game that offers quick gameplay suited to very short gaming sessions.

The beauty of this game is that you can play it during a coffee-break and that even casual players can enjoy the game. And as you might expect every play-through is different thanks to procedurally generated dungeons.

This means there are a near infinite possibilities with which to engage. If you want, you can play the alpha version of the game for free.


Stasis is a point-and-click 2D sci-fi horror game developed by THE BROTHERHOOD.

The game uses a unique isometric perspective mixing a blood curdling story with retro-styled adventure gameplay elements.

In the game, you play as John Maracheck awaking from stasis aboard an abandoned spacecraft, where he must try to unravel the mystery around him.

If you’re a fan of the Aliens movies and the Deadspace games, Stasis will be right up your alley.

These are just some of the amazing games coming out of South Africa. If you would like to find out more about what’s happening in the South African indie scene take a look at Make Games SA.

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Best South African indie games: as good as any other

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