Best action game sequences

Best Action Game Sequences

Last night, while playing Just Cause 3, explosions lit up my room and the fires engulfed my screen, and I thought to myself, I wonder how this game holds up against some of the other action games in the industry.

Here are a few games that provided some rather stellar action sequences that left us in awe.

God of War: Ascension – Hecatonchires

The opening of God of War: Ascension sees Kratos pit himself against Hecatonchires, the “hundred handed” giant, as it’s turned into a foul beast by a Fury.

If you thought that the giant was intimidating at first, when its many hands split open into a blade wielding freaks of nature, then you knew you were playing God of War.

The battle sequence goes on for about 15 minutes as Kratos not only faced Hecatonchires but menacing enemies as well as a Fury every now and then; there was even a point where Hecatonchires, any number of pesky minions and a Fury wanted Kratos’ head on a stake at the same time.

In the end, Kratos did what he does best, slashed open the foul demon and ended its life in a bloody, extravagant scene.

He then turned his gaze upon the head of Hecatonchires, who was now mutated. As Kratos does, he made Hecatonchires eat his own hand, which killed both the giant as well as the freakish hand.

GTA V: Minor Turbulence

One of the best missions in GTA V takes you from the ground, into the air and back onto the ground, all in one massive, explosive set piece.

In Minor Turbulence, you play as Trevor who decides that, just because he can, he’ll fly a Crop Duster into a Cargo Plane.

This might sound like a bad idea, but Trevor is the most relaxed person in the world, and anything is possible when he is determined.

The mission continues as you fly behind the Cargo Plane, as there is no way to get into the cargo plane, the only logical way being to fly the crop duster into the cargo plane’s rear opening.

You shoot up a few mercenaries and make your way to the front. After a few bloodies attempts, you make it to the cockpit and hijack the plane.

Needless to say, the army then comes to crash the party, literally, which then forces you to do what anyone else would do, drive a jeep out the back of the plane, a few hundred miles in the air.

Anyone want to do that again?

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Plane Scene

Take an action sequence, add in Nathan Drake and a plane that is plummeting to the ground, and you get one of the best action scenes in gaming.

In Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, you find your way onto an enemy plane flying over a desert, only to be caught in the middle of the act.

One thing leads to another and you soon find yourself hanging on for dear life as the plane tears apart in mid-air.

Nathan gets flung out of the engulfed plane and has to find a way to the ground without being killed. As luck would have it, a crate with a parachute just happens to fly by, and the rest is really rather adrenaline fueled.

Landing safely on the ground, Nathan looks onto the plane wreckage which was very nearly his grave.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Jack the Ripper

Raiden is one of the most popular characters in gaming, and in 2013 he got a game of his own which encompassed everything we love about the Metal Gear Solid series, but that was nothing short of an action extravaganza.

In one of the most iconic cut-scenes, you see Raiden go super saiyan as he unlocks his full potential thanks to the pain of a sword through his gut.

This scene then led to a fight between Monsoon and Raiden, with a rather spectacular soundtrack to boot.

At the end of the battle, after Raiden gets a few buildings thrown at him, he proceeds to slash Monsoon apart, causing his head to fall to the ground, Raiden could care less.

Bayonetta 2 – Opening Scene

Bayonetta is a pretty epic game, and this is thanks to its humour, extremely flashy combat, and of course, its main protagonist, Bayonetta.

The prologue of the game is as flashy and sexy as it could possibly get.

We see Bayonetta shopping around for presents in her most fabulous outfit yet, with a hat that says “do not mess with me”.

As she struts across the street, sucking on her cherry pop, she then figures something is amiss when a jet flies into her and she is forced to kick it into the air.

It’s then revealed that the Angels are behind the attack, who then attack Bayonetta and cut off her clothing, revealing her nude body – she loves every second of it.

Have you ever played through a gaming scene and thought that it was just absolute perfection? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Best action game sequences

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