The greatest easter eggs in recent games

Easter Eggs

It’s the Easter season that means that it is now time to wait for the Easter Bunny to hide all those fattening easter eggs and then run around like a chipmunk on steroids trying to find them.

If you are a gamer, however, then easter eggs mean something completely different, sure they are hidden jewels which you need to try and find, but you can’t eat them.

Over the past gaming generation, there have been some rather spectacular easter eggs across various games.

As we hit the Easter weekend, we thought we would share a few of them. Some of these you might have seen before, while others might be new to you.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Mr Bean

The Division is full of secrets to find and things to do, many of these are easter eggs that can be found scattered around New York City.

Remember that episode of Mr. Bean when he battles to get into his car because it’s filled with objects from a sale he just attended?

He then tied his chair to the roof of his car and uses that along with a broom and some rope, to drive himself home.

In The Division, there is a reference to this. Somewhere in the city you will find a car with a chair strapped to its roof with a guy sitting on the chair as if he was Mr. Bean himself.

There is actually an Ubisoft office in The Division itself. When you reach the Firewall safe house, you will automatically notice a few things scattered around the office, which directly relates to real world items.

Ubisoft Office

There is a Grow Home poster as well as a For Honor wallpaper which are two games which are licensed under Ubisoft themselves. Talk about free advertising.

Far Cry Primal 

The leap of faith has always been a staple in the Assassin’s Creed series and it makes an appearance in Far Cry Primal too.

After you help Urki gather his flying feathers, you then get to see him throw himself off the cliff as he tries to fly.

Obviously, being in the Stone Age and no jet-pack being available, he then falls to the ground luckily there is a pile of hay beneath him.

Needless to say, the iconic eagle cry is present when he jumps, which is a direct reference to the sound that plays when you perform a leap of faith in Assassin’s Creed.

The Flintstones happen to make an appearance in the game too, however, they are not around, their car, which is an iconic piece of cartoon history, manages to get into the game.

Far Cry Flintstones

Near the starting camp in the game, if you go for a swim in the pond nearby you will see a strange-looking wooden contraption. Getting closer to it will reveal that it is actually the car which appeared in The Flintstones. 


As much as Agent 47 is nothing like James Bond, the security guards in the game battle to find any sort of difference between the two.

On the Paris mission in the latest game, released this year and titled Hitman, when you’re wearing your suit and head to a certain restricted section outside, a guard then orders you to turn around by saying, “Okay Mr.Bond, I’m afraid this is off limits. Go and find a martini, shaken not stirred somewhere else.”

This is a clear reference to James Bond and his sing nature drink.

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

PEA Games

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is packed with neat secrets and easter eggs.

While exploring the game, you might come across a soccer field in the Backyard with the words PEA Sports. This is an obvious reference to EA Sports and their iconic FIFA franchise.

Another pretty neat easter egg is the Indiana Jones rolling ball, which is found in Seeds of Time.

Once you reach the Egypt part of the map, you can head to a secret room that is accessed by hitting a camel on the wall near it.

This will then open up a secret passage through the floor, which will then follow to a slope with a deadly ball chasing you down.

Given that it’s an Egypt clone, is a clear reference to Indiana Jones and his iconic scene where he runs away from a ball that chases him.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

The Nuketown map in Black Ops has always been a staple in the series and in Black Ops 3 the strangeness returns as the map comes with its own unique set of secrets.

Previously in past Black Ops titles, you would need to shoot off the mannequins’ heads that are scattered around the town, this would then result in them turning into zombies-like robots with the taste for blood.

In Black Ops 3 , if you shoot off every single mannequins’ arms, they then turn into freaky robots that only move when you turn your back on them.

This then forces you to always keep your eyes on them as you go about your killing, turn your back and you will be killed by something straight out of Silent Hill.

Just Cause 3 Helium Pistol

Just Cause 3 is all about blowing things up and the helium pistol does that literally.

Found in a small village in the game, once obtained you can shoot NPCs and enemies, and their heads will enlarge.

Once you have blown them up, you can then tether them to objects causing them to float into the air like a balloon. If you really want to have fun, you can then tether yourself to them and fly up into the sky like Mary Poppins.

Have you experienced any of these easter eggs in recent games? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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The greatest easter eggs in recent games

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