8 Awesome video game guns

Video games have showcased some of the most creative and badass weapon concepts ever.

Different games features a variety of combat mechanics, ranging from the reflex-based first-person shootout to the strategy-reliant third-person tactical fight. The first-person-shooter is a favourite amongst fans of big guns.

Although most first-person-shooter games strive to simulate realistic or exciting simulations of real combat, some games draw in gamers with ridiculous weaponry and innovative mechanics which aim to change the way the player thinks.

It is these types of games which feature unique and interesting guns:


Firing huge explosive orbs of green matter, the BFG is the ultimate weapon for those obsessed with large and powerful guns.

Featuring in the first DOOM, the weapon was the most over-powered gun in the game. It has made appearances in all of the DOOM titles along with various other games, and is recognised by all shoot-em-up fans as the original ‘Big Freaking Gun’.

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device – Portal

Sleek and futuristic, the Portal Gun is one of the most iconic and recognisable devices in gaming.

Portal revolutionised puzzle gaming with the introduction of the Handheld Portal Device. The gun can create two portals which link to one another, allowing for endless possibilities and introducing a new level of problem-solving to gamers around the world.

Mk II Lancer – Gears of War

The Lancer is the signature weapon from the Gears of War series.

The weapon consists of a fully automatic rifle with a high rate-of-fire that has a chainsaw bayonet fixed to the underside of the barrel. This combination of long-range accuracy and melee brutality makes the Lancer a dangerous weapon in almost all situations.

Dubstep Gun – Saints Row IV

The Dubstep Gun fires musical blasts to the tune of heavy dubstep.

This weapon could only appear in a quirky title like Saints Row IV. The Dubstep Gun comes in various different skins which change what music the weapon plays when it fires. Victims of the Dubstep Gun’s blasts will find themselves unable to stop dancing and objects will bounce along to the beat.

Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator – Half-Life 2

The Gravity Gun (or Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator) is a unique weapon that controls physics.

This weapon was a fantastic implementation of the revolutionary physics engine offered by Half-Life 2. The gun is able to pull items towards itself and hold them ahead of its ‘barrel’, or alternatively it is able to give a vigorous push to any object in front of it.

Spinfusor – Tribes

The Spinfusor is a type of rail gun which accelerates a powered disc down the length of its barrel. The disc projectile has a noticeable travel time and explodes upon impact with any target or surface.

The travel time of this weapon’s projectile means that some skill is required to aim and hit moving targets. Pair this with the jetpack-fueled mobility of Tribes: Ascend and the skill ceiling rises even higher.

Plasma Cutter – Dead Space

The plasma cutter is an adapted mining laser which excels at surgical dismemberment.

The weapon fires precise arcs of energy at the target, and is perfect for removing limbs due to its high levels of accuracy and projectile speed. The plasma cutter has been a staple feature of the Dead Space series, and has become a symbol of the game’s complex combat mechanics.

Experimental MIRV – Fallout 3

With the ability to fire multiple miniature nuclear warheads, the Experimental MIRV is a terrifying weapon.

Based on the Fat Man – Fallout’s Mini-Nuke launcher – the Experimental MIRV fires 8 Mini-Nukes at once in a cluster formation. The weapon is difficult to acquire and its unique ammunition is scarce and expensive.

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8 Awesome video game guns

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