Types of jobs in game development in South Africa

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Many young tech enthusiasts love gaming, and may decide on a career in game development. They may, however, not have thought of which specific field of game development they are interested in.

We asked Make Games South Africa founder Nicholas Hall to shed light on the types of jobs which are available in game development.

Hall told MyGaming that game development is an interesting industry as it is so multi-disciplinary.

Hall said the classic game development jobs would be:

  • Programmer
  • Artist
  • Sound Engineer

Although depending on the studio size, a person will be expected to fulfill multiple roles.

He added it is incredibly rare for there to be a specific job of ‘game designer’, as all members of the team will be expected to contribute to the design of a game.

“While it is likely that there will be a lead for the design of the game, that person will usually be expected to have other skills,” said Hall.

He added that with the industry growing, we are starting to see other positions in game development become available.

“There is going to be a growing demand for QA testers and project managers, and producer roles are going to become incredibly important as the size and value of local games increase,” said Hall.

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Types of jobs in game development in South Africa

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