South African pro gamers expand into new territory

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Energy eSports, one of South Africa’s largest gaming clans, has announced that it will be adding FIFA and Hearthstone to its roster.

The clan, which in the past primarily focused on MOBA’s, CS:GO and Call of Duty, announced the news on its official website.

With growing interest in eSports in South Africa, Energy eSports have decided to expand their reach into both FIFA and Hearthstone, welcoming four new players to Energy eSports camp.


Our main goal is creating opportunities for up and coming gamers, offering the best support to ensure they maintain their form and continue to strive in their respective titles.

In addition, the clan introduced several new members to its roster, including national Hearthstone player Dale “Pand3m0nia” Pon and three FIFA players – Abubakr “Abu” Akhalwaya, Sattar Hoosen, and Shuaib “Shubi” Hassen.

You can check out the new players’ individual profiles here.

The growth of eSports clans in our country can only be seen as a good thing, despite a relatively small market.

It’s hard not to attribute Energy’s move to the upcoming DGL season starting on 25 April.

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South African pro gamers expand into new territory

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