What you need to do if you want a job in game development in South Africa

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If you want to work in game development in South Africa, you have to build up a portfolio of your skills that you can show to studios.

That’s the word from QCF Design founder Danny Day, and RetroEpic brand manager Megan Hughes.

“If someone doesn’t have games that show me those skills, I’m generally not interested,” Day said.

“It doesn’t have to be a completed game, but if you’re not making games, why should anyone pick you over the other people in SA with game portfolios ready to go?”

Hughes said that what they look for in a new hire depends on the position.

“Our coders work in C# in Unity and our artists are familiar with Blender,” she said.

“All of our staff have their own portfolio of games and prototypes they’ve made — which shows a passion for working in games that is really required for joining our team.”

Broforce developer and the director of Free Lives, Evan Greenwood, said that they look for employees who have a wide range of skills and interests, are good at communication, and are self-motivated.

“At the same time we want employees to bring something to the team that we don’t already have, each new employee needs to be excellent at one thing while have interests in many other aspects of game development.”

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What you need to do if you want a job in game development in South Africa

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