Here are the world’s most popular internet browsers


NetmarketShare recently completed its survey of over 40,000 websites in order to determine which browsers users prefer.

For the first time ever, Google has overtaken Internet Explorer as the most popular browser, with 41.66% of the market-share.

Just behind it was longtime front runner, Internet Explorer with 41.35% of the market-share.

The other big players are Firefox (9.76%), Safari (4.91%), Opera (1.89%), and Microsoft’s new Edge browser (3.1%).

The biggest reason for Chrome’s dominance is that Microsoft have now officially left Internet Explorer for the Windows 10 Edge browser – effectively taking its own market-share.

Microsoft’s Edge browser is also relatively elementary and doesn’t even currently allow for the installation of plugins.

What browser do you use? Is there a reason you use your current browser over any other? Let us know in the comments section below or in our forums.

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Here are the world’s most popular internet browsers

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