Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter review roundup

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter is the latest instalment in the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes video game series by Frogwares, and upon initial deduction, it’s looking pretty damn good.

The international publications have already got their paws on the game (keep an eye out for our review later this week), and they’ve been giving their thoughts on the new action/mystery title.

Here is what the reviews are saying:

Videogamer – 7/10

“Devil’s Daughter is not a bad FrogwareSherlock Holmes game. In fact, it’s one of its best, but it’s not the title I was hoping for – the one that would finally realise all the sizzling potential that this series has had locked away behind nonsense for years.

Still, it’s a fair old romp. Again.”

Sherlock Holmes the Devils Daughter

Gamespot – 6/10

“Ultimately, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter succeeds where its predecessor did, by presenting a generous spate of intriguing cases, and giving you the freedom to come to your own conclusions.

It’s a fantastic detective game; it’s just a shame that it’s bogged down by myriad technical issues, and a mediocre attempt to inject some action into proceedings.”

Push Square – 8/10

“Whether it’s sniffing out clues with Holmes trusty basset hound, planning an elaborate diversion in slow motion like you’re in a Guy Ritchie film, or dodging spike pits and giant rolling balls a la Indiana Jones, the Sherlock games are always throwing something different at you.

Devil’s Daughter focuses more on story, with a larger plot taking over from the case work in satisfying ways. Some extended sequences of button mashing can become tiresome and the moral choice system doesn’t add anything substantial, but the overall experience is great fun.”

Sherlock Holmes the Devils Daughter screenshot

Eurogamer – N/A

“The Devil’s Daughter is a moderately engaging piece of detective fiction which should grip console players looking for an alternative to Telltale’s output (the competition is stiffer on PC), but it does seem to rest on some fundamental misapprehensions.

Frogware has captured the texture of Conan Doyle’s universe, that mix of Gothic dread and icy rationality, but I feel the developer is still working out that the point of Sherlock Holmes is that he’s inaccessible – kept at a distance by the very habits of mind that make him so fascinating.”

Xbox Achievements – 6/10

“A better presented package overall, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter is a small step forward for the series, but still in serious need of polish and a greater level of cohesion between its disparate parts.

Fewer mini-games and more sleuthing would have been preferable and played to the game’s strengths. As it is, The Devil’s Daughter is a solid Sherlock yarn, but one that falls well short of greatness.”

Sherlock Holmes Devils Daughter

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Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter review roundup

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