Telkom’s big gaming drive in South Africa

Telkom is the biggest supporter of video gaming in South Africa, and announced in January that it would put up R1 million rand in prize money for its new Digital Gaming League in 2016.

This latest announcement follows years of local gaming support from Telkom. The company has sponsored the Do Gaming League (DGL) since its inception in 2008, and has supported gaming in South Africa for over 10 years.

The DGL is the largest online league in South Africa, with the largest player base and over 80 percent market share for eSports.

Telkom’s support, and initiatives like the DGL, have fuelled the growth of gaming in South Africa. “We already have more than four million gamers in South Africa,” said Telkom.

“By professionalising the sport and developing new players, we can look forward to seeing more local talent compete on the same footing as international teams.”

Telkom said that the South African gaming industry is estimated at over R2 billion, making it a larger sector than both movies and music.

Telkom’s network enables online gaming

Telkom said the expanse of its network, and how it is leading the pack in terms of speed and innovation, makes it the perfect enabler for sport and entertainment.

“With this in mind, gaming is the ultimate demonstration of our technological superiority.”

Telkom added that its fibre network allows for great speeds. “Currently our fibre allows for download speeds of up to 100Mbps.”

Telkom said it is committed to creating solutions that give gamers a superior online experience and growing gaming as a sport in South Africa.

“With this type of technology, Telkom can enable more South Africans to engage in this sport.”

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Telkom’s big gaming drive in South Africa

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