Why this year’s sports games are already disappointing

While this year’s sports games will be the most graphically impressive ever, they may already be the most disappointing games in the series.

In an effort to outdo themselves every year, sports game developers have fallen into the trap of diminishing returns, reports Theory of gaming.

“Caught up in their push for realism, developers tried to include every nuance of the real-life games they were duplicating, resulting in increasingly complex control schemes and growing player frustration.”

“By constantly cherry-picking and choosing to improve certain elements over others, these developers will actually see less of a return of investment than previous years – even if they more time (or people) are working on the game.”

“As developers like EA Sports, 2K Sports and SCE San Diego Studios continue to invest more of their resource to implement more realistic elements into their games, especially (and this is critical) for functions which are turned off by players or discarded in future iterations, they’re eating into the return on their investment.”

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Why this year’s sports games are already disappointing

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