The Booster One gaming headset lets you use your head as a controller


The Booster One gaming headset is a unique device which aims to improve your gaming skills by granting players an extra level of control.

Created by Sixth Sense, the headset uses a built-in gyroscope to accurately measure the head movements of the wearer, allowing them to use specific head movements as input controls.

The device’s Kickstarter page describes various uses for head movement input, including using head movements as a replacement for scrolling, looking around, and even actions such as reloading.

Below are the main features of the device:

  • Aluminium headset.
  • Built in noise cancelling microphone.
  • Control settings that are customizable with an application.
  • Precise gameplay control based on gyroscopic technology.
  • Three-way adjustable headband to fit the shape and size of any head.
  • No WiFi or Bluetooth connection: only wire, eliminating all delays.
  • Comfortable for use over long periods (2+ hours).

While the head movement input system may offer more ergonomic control, the end result is very similar to existing IR head tracking technology.

Check out the Kickstarter video below for more information:

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The Booster One gaming headset lets you use your head as a controller

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