Watch Michael Bay awkwardly freak out at CES 2014

Samsung was out in force at CES 2014 with a lineup of Ultra HD TV sets to show off.

To talk up the gadgets, Samsung brought out Hollywood director Michael Bay to do a presentation in front of a 105-inch curved OLED UHD TV.

Moments into the presentation, the prompter apparently failed, and Bay was left stranded without any lines. He made a brief attempt to “wing it” but soon awkwardly walked off stage.

Check out the action below:

While it may not be what they had planned, Samsung certainly drew plenty of attention to its CES 2014 presentation.

Its 2014 line-up of ultra high definition (UHD) televisions, includes a curved 105-inch TV, and a 110-inch UHD TV.

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Watch Michael Bay awkwardly freak out at CES 2014

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