High-performance keyboards for hardcore gamers – South African pricing

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard 1

PC Gamers rely heavily on their peripherals, and an accurate, reliable keyboard can make the difference between victory or defeat.

Mechanical keyboards are a favourite among PC Gamers due to their customisation options, tactile feedback and anti-ghosting technology. Their relatively compact size and durability also makes them ideal for the gamer on the go.

Check out these high-performance keyboards recommended for hardcore gamers:

Corsair K70 RGB

Corsair K70 RGB

Corsair K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Specifications
Keys Cherry MX RGB switches
Lighting Multi-colour per key RGB backlighting
Ports None
Macro Keys No
Extras Detachable wrist-rest, Corsair Utility Engine
Anti-ghosting 104-key rollover
Price  R3,074

Razer Blackwidow Chroma

Blackwidow chroma

Razer Blackwidow Chroma Keyboard Specifications
Keys Razer Mechanical switches
Lighting Multi-colour per key Chroma lighting
Ports Mic in/Audio out
Macro Keys 5 dedicated macro keys
Extras Razer Synapse, USB pass-through
Anti-ghosting 10-key rollover
Price  R3,198

SteelSeries Apex M800

SteelSeries Apex M800

SteelSeries Apex M800 Keyboard Specifications
Keys SteelSeries QS1 switches
Lighting Per-key RGB lighting
Ports 2 x USB 2.0
Macro Keys 6 dedicated macro keys
Extras SteelSeries Engine
Anti-ghosting 256-key rollover
Price R3,601

Logitech G910 Orion Spark

Orion Spark

Logitech G910 Orion Spark Keyboard Specifications
Keys Romer-G switches
Lighting Per-key RGB illumination
Ports none
Macro Keys 9 dedicated macro keys
Extras ARX Control Integration, mobile connectivity
Anti-ghosting 113-key rollover
Price  R2,590

CoolerMaster QuickFire XTi

Quickfire XTi

CoolerMaster QuickFire XTi Keyboard Specifications
Keys Cherry MX switches
Lighting Per-key red/blue lighting
Ports None
Macro Keys No
Extras Detachable USB cable, cable management
Anti-ghosting 104-key rollover
Price R2,171

Do you use a mechanical keyboard for gaming? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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  • I am going out on a limb here and say that any harcore gamer that buys a KB for its flashing lights is not a hardcore gamer. Rather buy a Logitech G710 than a G910 and save yourself the headache from all those damn lights.

  • Yokodera

    I agree, back lighting is useful but hell if I want to see a rainbow my KB won’t be the first place I look.

  • The G710 is the exact same KB as the 910 but it has 2 types of monochrome back lighting. WASD and/or everything but wasd. Works like a charm for me. I would not use anything that has more colours than monochrome.

  • Button

    I agree with you that a rainbow of colors can be hard to deal with if they are fast moving and rapid flashing, there is no usefulness there for hardcore gaming. But, if you use the different colors correctly to highlight key groups that can be useful. There is also a function on the corsair, to use an example, that if you assign the key as red and you press the key that it can turn yellow for 3 seconds and then return back to red. This can be used for hand placement correction in knowing what went wrong on the keyboard when the spell you wanted to cast did not cast. Just a though 🙂

  • I can understand that but this articles caters for Hardcore gamers. I don’t know about you but most of the hardcore gamers I know hardly ever look down on their kb unless they are typing something in chat and even then its usually gg. 🙂

  • Also all my spells are hotkeyed to my mmo mouse 🙂

  • Button

    gg. Didn’t look 🙂

  • Viper_ZA

    It would be safe to assume there are “hardcore” gamers out there using standard peripherals…nevermind disco lights.

  • nightshade2109

    Actually the rapid fire and ability to have more than one key pressed at the same time while registering multiple presses continuously make a massive difference for games like Starcraft 2, The mechanical keyboards also require less weight to press the key.

  • Jiraiya

    My MK320 is all I need.

  • I think you completely misunderstood me. All these keyboards have cheaper variants where the basic difference is literally only that they don’t have disco lights attached to them. Look at my example. The G710 vs the G910 only has the back lighting as a difference between them. Everything else is 100% the same. Most gamers I know would never ever buy the 910 because flashing lights on your keyboard for R500 more is stupid.

  • StangV2_0

    Ppl still buy Logitech keyboards…???????

  • don’t buy the G710+

    I’ve had mine for a few years now, but they do have an issue.

    The keycaps are very weak!

  • SolarZA

    which keyboard has the font in the very first image below the article title?

  • Rynier G Schoeman

    i have mates using my old G15 ” flag ship ” blue keyboard that is now over 10 years old and still kicking,

    In fact every single logitech keyboard I have ever used is still operational.

    You can talk about logitech mouse and headset problems .. But you would struggle to tell me Logitech doesnt have good keyboards.

  • StangV2_0

    I actually can. Had two logitech keyboards which failed on me. However i also had a DOA Razer Blackwidow. So it does happen.

    Their mice I love. My logitech G9x lasted forever.

  • I would imagine the G910 could also have that issue. Was just using the g710 as an example.

  • I still buy their mouses as they are awesome but keyboards … I am sure someone buys them still.

  • Peter Pan

    As long as it is mechanical, I am happy!

  • David Van Zyl

    For everyone moaning about the backlighting: We need it for scary games. There is nothing better than playing a peek-a-WHATHEHELLWASIT?! game in a dark room with 5.1 sound. Can’t see in those circumstances, see?

  • tjitah

    Doesn’t anyone make a keyboard with a big fat (upside-down L-shape) “ENTER” key anymore!?

    I haven’t bought a new keyboard in about 5 years as all the new ones have a thin “Enter” key which feels exactly the same as the keys around it and i keep hitting “Shift” or “” unintentionally. I’m still using my old PS/2 keyboard with no back-lighting and a big ENTER key. And don’t even get me started on laptop keyboards nowadays, where every single key looks the same in one big meshed together mess.

    Oh yes and I completely agree with Kromas Ryder about these super-expensive keyboards with all their colors and frills. Don’t need it to play a game properly. I need keys to be distinctive so that I know what I’m pressing without looking – like they were back in the 1990’s when IBM still made proper keyboards.

High-performance keyboards for hardcore gamers – South African pricing

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