How to buy an Oculus Rift in South Africa: what it will cost

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift launched on 28 March, with a bundled package containing the headset, tracking sensor, remote, cabled, Xbox One controller, and Lucky’s Tale selling for $599.

However, Oculus does not ship directly to South Africa.

This did not stop the head of cloud solutions at Jurumani, Niel Malan, from getting his headset, though.

Malan explained that so long as he provided a US shipping address, Oculus was happy to accept his PayPal account which was linked to a South African credit card.

Services like MyUS and NYBox can provide you with a parcel forwarding service with an address based in the United States.

Once the package arrives in South Africa, the courier will typically send a bill for customs clearance.

At the very least you will be charged VAT. Depending on the type of goods, you may also be charged ad valorem and other duties. Malan said he only had to pay VAT on the Oculus Rift.

The steps and costs involved to order your own Oculus Rift from South Africa are summarised below.

Conversions were done at a rate of R14.26 per dollar.

Sign up for a parcel forwarding service

Total cost: $0 (R0)

Malan used MyUS, and I have used NYBox in the past.

Both services have free tiers available, and MyUS offers a free trial of its premium subscription service which offers cheaper courier fees.

NYBox lets you either ship to New York, or Delaware. While shipping to Delaware might take a bit longer, it also enjoys 0% sales tax.

Place your order on

Register and place your order on the Oculus website.

Using a Delaware address from NYBox, I was quoted $30 extra for shipping, for a total of $629.

Pay for your parcel to be forwarded

According to reports, the Oculus Rift box weighs 3.07kg. Using the MyUS shipping calculator, we got the following estimates for shipping prices:

MyUS Shipping Partner Average transit time MyUS Basic MyUS Premium
DHL Express 1 – 4 business days R1,768.29 R1,473.60
FedEx Economy 5 – 10 business days R1,824.50 R1,520.49
FedEx Priority 1 – 4 business days R1,875.27 R1,562.80
UPS Expedited 2 – 8 business days R1,846.30 R1,538.70
UPS Worldwide Saver 1 – 4 business days R2,022.97 R1,685.84

NYBox also offers a number of different carriers, and also has a premium membership programme.

NYBox shipping Average transit time NYBox Standard NYBox Premium
DHL 2-5 days R2,513 ($176.21) R2,106 ($147.71)
Aramex 4-7 days R867 ($60.78) R693.32 ($48.62)
UPS Saver 5-10 days R1,872 ($131.31) R1,657 ($116.21)

Pay your customs bill

Once your item arrives in South Africa, your courier should send you a customs clearance bill.

Malan used DHL though MyUS and was only charged VAT on the import, which came to R1,355.

If no ad valorem or other duties are applicable, then VAT on imports from the United States is calculated at the item’s value with a 10% “added tax value” markup.

After you’ve paid your taxes, your goods will be released, and the courier will deliver it to you.

Oculus Rift customs bill

Total cost: an example calculation

There are five basic costs to keep in mind when importing goods from the United States: exchange rate, US sales taxes, US shipping, international shipping, and South African taxes.

Assuming we import an Oculus Rift using Aramex on NYBox, this is what the total cost might look like:

Item Price Converted
Oculus Rift $599 R8,542
Delaware sales tax $0 R0
Shipping to Delaware $30 R428
Shipping to SA (NYBox, Aramex) $61 R867
Taxes in SA R1,315
Total R11,152

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  • Too bad this method does not work for the Vive as they require a credit card link to said US adress and most methods to bypass failed.

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    Just use Paypal for Vive. It will work…

  • Tried … failed.

  • leFiend

    I ordered mine with paypal, worked fine. What you may need do though is change the billing address on paypal to your mail forwarders address so that it shows up as a US Address

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    I wouldn’t do this anyway as it seems both the Vive and the Oculus Rift have manufacturing issues that require the devices being sent back for repair/replacement… things could get very expensive.

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    I was lucky – got my oculus for free being one of the original kickstarter backers. I used ReShip to get my US address and cost me $170 to ship (along with other goodies from amazon) to sa. Used Dhl expedited that luckily bypassed customs! Now its just the issue of getting my pc on oculus spec?. Worth it though.

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  • ShopUSA

    I bypassed customs with ShopUSA and got it delivered in 2 days. ShopUSA is much better than myus with shipping cost of $30

  • Wurnman

    Playing with my mate’s Oculus DK2 rift and he ordered it way back and got it here delivered for close to R5000

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    Amazon ship hom nou SA toe, en teen die nuwe prys met Touch ingesluit, is dit net absoluut befok!

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    2 years later. does anyone have a Pimax or want to move over to the Pimax?

How to buy an Oculus Rift in South Africa: what it will cost

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