PlayStation VR has a few challenges ahead


This past weekend at rAge, I finally got my hands on PlayStation VR for the first time. Now I have never played any VR before, no Samsung Gear, Oculus, or Vive, so the PS VR was the first time I ever put on the headset.

After spending an hour playing through all the great VR demos on the show floor, it was clear that Sony has a pretty cool VR headset in their hands, but what challenges will the device face in the next few years?

As much as I would love to say it will dominate, we have to take into consideration these issues.

Weak hardware

Although the PS4 has been able to process some of the best looking games this generation, with VR in play now, things might get a little complicated. Games are more demanding than ever, and VR pushes those demands even higher.

PC requirements for VR are pretty steep, and although Sony’s PS4 can handle VR, as the tech gets older new games will further push these hardware requirements.

We might reach a stage where we are either stuck playing VR titles in a lower resolution, or forced to fork out for the PS4 Pro, which might provide better visual fidelity.


Lack of developer support

There is only one thing we can blame for the failure of the Kinect, PlyStation Move, and other recent hardware fails, and it is the lack of developer support. It is great having cool tech, but if there are no games utilizing this tech, then it is useless.

My biggest worry with the PS VR is that these launch titles are all fun to play, but this time next year we are stuck with no real content for the device. As Sony’s focus shifts toward 4K gaming and their PS4 Pro, we have to just hope that they keep a balanced head on both of their hardware installments.

Batman Arkham VR

Late Entry

Another concern I have, is the late entry with PS VR I know VR is only becoming mainstream now, but the PS4 lifecycle is already 4 years in.

This could mean that in the next few years, developers will start prepping for the next hardware release from Sony, abandoning past hardware altogether.

Luckily, if this is the case, the PS VR could be carried into the next generation of hardware, as the device is basically a VR headset, plugged into a console. If Sony are smart, they would make sure that the PS VR is a must for future hardware, as I do not see a reason why they would leave it behind.

PS4 Pro

Price tag

The PS VR price tag is not pretty at all, as it will come into SA at around R7,000. This means that gamers will need to make some tough decisions soon. PS4 Pro, or PS VR? This also means that a 4K TV purchase will be a requirement if you are going to splurge on the PS4 Pro.

Those really rolling in cash will have the best of both worlds if they plan on getting a PS4 Pro, with the PS VR. Regardless, the initial outlay will really damage some pockets in the next few months. At least the PS VR is a premium device, as it looks and feels great while in use, and the OLED display, adds to the quality of the build.



The PlayStation VR has some pretty tough competition ahead to be honest. Every developer and his dog are working on some sort of VR, with some even going as far as merging VR and AR into one.

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and with Xbox Scorpio pushing the limits with 4K and VR, it will also enter the industry as direct competition to PS VR.

All we can really hope for, is that Sony makes PS VR the “must have” device for all VR enthusiasts, but making it the most affordable, and the best competition on the market.

Xbox Scorpio

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PlayStation VR has a few challenges ahead

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