Cooler Master launches transparent mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting


Cooler Master has wholeheartedly embraced the RGB lighting craze with its latest mechanical keyboard.

The MasterKeys Pro L RGB Crystal Edition is a limited edition mechanical keyboard which forgoes all pretense at practicality for the ultimate experience in keyboard RGB lighting.

The device’s transparent keys and casing “let your custom illuminations radiate brighter than ever before”.

The keyboard’s PCB features unique cutouts in order to accommodate brighter and bigger RGB LEDs while maintaining the full functionality of its Cherry MX switches.

The MasterKeys Pro is outfitted with the most powerful keyboard processor on the market – the ARM Cortex M3.

The Crystal Edition’s transparent aesthetic is certainly unique, although gamers who occasionally glance down at their keyboard may find themselves confused by the lack of clear keycap labelling, or even temporarily blinded by the device’s excessive lighting.

You can check out the MasterKeys Pro L RGB Crystal Edition on the official Cooler Master store.




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  • MalicE_ZA


  • VirtualForce

    fugly comes to mind…

  • VirtualForce

    lol, yup

  • Wurnman

    now it’s two minds

  • That Guy Jon

    nee ha sies…

  • Jaco

    Ugly as crap and will probably cost close to 3k here.

  • Johan Lewis Last

    Make that three

  • Johan Lewis Last

    I WILL laugh in your face if you buy this. I will make you regret ever buying this. It is the most vile and ugliest thing I have ever seen… give me a few so I can give them to some frenemies….muwahahaha

    Seriously….just no

  • VirtualForce

    Stuff you buy when you have too much money.

  • BrendanMcCT

    Yip Fugly is the nice way of putting it.

Cooler Master launches transparent mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting

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